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Vet Endorses First Pet Laser for Home Use

It’s been designed specifically for use on dogs and cats suffering from musculoskeletal conditions.




(PRESS RELEASE) Well-respected veterinarian Tony Kremer has endorsed the first certified laser for at-home use on pets: Dog Med Laser. Now is the time to educate and inform pet owners about animal discomfort. Kremer is shining a spotlight on the many benefits of the Dog Med Laser technology; a low-level laser that is a safe, effective, zero-risk device for temporary pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and faster injury healing.

“Technology has allowed us to do some great things with pain management in pets, like allowing us to use less drugs, which can sometimes be harmful in other ways,” Kremer says.

Over the years, laser therapy has become a popular alternative treatment for pets suffering in pain. Low-level lasers have been proven effective and safe, with no negative secondary effects ever recorded when applied onto humans or animals since their first market approval by the FDA in 2002.

The Dog Med Laser has been designed specifically for use on dogs and cats suffering from musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, spinal disks conditions and patellar luxation. Treatment with the Dog Med Laser can also greatly improve recovery after surgery in pets. The Dog Med Laser does not burn, does not generate heat, does not irritate the skin and there are no risks to the eyes. In fact, no protective eyewear is needed for Class 2 Lasers. Product retails for $499; an affordable, long-term option with the potentially risky side effects of medication.

“Making frequent trips to the vet for laser treatment can be inconvenient and sometimes impossible for many pet families. I love the Dog Med Laser because this therapy can be continued at home indefinitely,” Kremer says. “Some of the common problems our pets face are lifelong conditions like arthritis, and the Dog Med Laser is an easy and affordable way to help minimize their pain and give them back the quality of life they deserve.”,




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