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Vet+ Instinct Launches Holistic Coat Care Supplement

It softens and hydrates dogs’ coat.




(PRESS RELEASE) PHOENIX, AZ — Vet + Instinct has introduced inew Coat Care Coconut + Dandelion Root holistic superfood.

The product softens and hydrates the dog’s coat with organic coconut milk combined with dandelion root extract to support a normal inflammatory response of the skin.

Because skin and coat concerns come from a wide range of causes, this superfood supplement cares for the whole of the animal with spirulina algae to aid cognitive function, brewer’s yeast for allergy and immunity support and reishi mushroom to help relieve stress from the external environment.

“Vet + Instinct is proud to add to our well-respected holistic superfood supplement brand with this powerful Coat Care formula. We continue to innovate with 100 percent real food supplements that provide great results from naturally derived ingredients,” said Vet + Instinct president Casey Jones at the launch event in Phoenix. “This product delivers on our promise of providing holistic solutions with a clean label. As we move into the colder winter months with shorter days that often cause skin and coat concerns, we know our customers will love the benefit the Coat Care Coconut + Dandelion Root product offers their pet.”

Coat Care Coconut + Dandelion Root product is available for $29.99.


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