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Firefighters in Morristown, TN, were recently called to rescue a macaw from a tree, and although they weren’t quite sure how to go about the task, they were determined to help if they could.

Neighbor Sylvia Tharp told WBIR she heard sounds from a tree and soon realized they were coming from Harley, the 15-year-old macaw that lives next door.

“I heard, ‘Mom! Mom! Mom!’ and I thought it was a kid at first,” Tharp said. “Then, Harley started squawking like a scream, and I knew it was much closer than normal.”

Firefighters arrived and extended a ladder. One tried to coax the bird onto his arm.

In the end, they shook the branch slightly and the reluctant macaw flew down.

Harley is now safe at home.


Watch the news video:

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