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Video: No, Those Aren’t Bugs on Your Dog … or Your Husband

This pet owner was a bit confused about anatomy.




A video about a vet tech’s experience with a slightly confused dog owner has gone viral on social media.

The dog owner thought her pet was covered in bugs. But the tech could find no sign of an infestation.

The supposed bugs turned out to be something else altogether.

But convincing the headstrong owner of that fact was no easy task.

The video by Tik Tok user @hoops0926 has racked up 4.4 million views and 993,000 likes.

Watch the video:

@hoops0926Doesn’t your husband have nipples!!!!!! XD #veterinarian #storytime #funnyart #fyp #humor #foryourpage #doggo #sqad222♬ original sound – justmeljones

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