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Walkee Paws Launches Doggie & Me Matching Leggings

It’s perfect fo fall fashion.




Ladies Leggings Heart Match

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – After a warm summer wearing minimal attire, it’s fun to start dreaming about your fall wardrobe. Dog owners can look forward to a real fashion treat this fall thanks to the Doggie & Me Matching Leggings Set from Walkee Paws.

Walkee Paws is best-known for bringing to market the first-ever legging line for dogs. Not only do these innovative leggings make a serious fashion statement, but they provide canines with maximum comfort and paw protection, all while keeping dirt and germs outside of your home. Unlike traditional boots that tend to squeeze their ankles and restrict blood flow; Walkee Paws are made from soft, stretchy material that fits comfortably while still allowing dogs to run, play and walk without restriction of movement. The leggings secure around their back, so they’re sure to stay put. Never lose a dog boot again.

“Since launching in 2018, we have had great success creating a large variety of styled leggings for dogs,” says Lisa Baronoff, founder of Walkee Paws, “It seems as though pet parents today want to dress their dogs like themselves and show-off their own personal taste in the animals they love. We have helped owners to achieve this,and now we are celebrating the dog-human bond in a whole different and fun way!”

It’s safe to say that people are connecting with their pets like never before, which is why Walkee Paws felt a strong desire to add a “ladies leggings” option to its growing and trendy collection. With fall around the corner, dog moms can anticipate the new season traveling in style and coordinating with their four-legged best friend.

Whether you are going on a walk, riding in the car, playing in the park or snuggling on the sofa, these newWalkee Paws leggings will allow for you and your pet to match and stay comfortable and stylish together! Doggie & Me Leggings come in the Walkee Paws new Hearts pattern, which will show everyone just how much you love your pooch while matching him, too. Each pair features a cleverly designed poop bag pouch hidden inside the waistband. Simply pull the end of the roll through the hole and grab a bag when you need one.

Additional Ladies Leggings Features:

  • Technical fabric sculpts and supports for a super-flattering fit.
  • Wide waistband keeps everything in place.
  • Hidden waistband pocket stores poop bags or other accessories (phone, keys, cards, headphones).
  • 80% nylon, 20% lycra.
  • Available in XS, S, M, L
  • You spend, we give! Since the beginning, two percent of total gross revenue goes back to charity. Shop withWalkee Paws and give back to a charity of your choice.

In addition to the matching leggings, Walkee Paws also added a Match-Your-Pup Reusable Organic Cotton Mask. The Classic Pattern masks (2 pack), along with the Classic Pattern Dog Leggings, will allow for you both to stay safe on your excursions. Walkee Paws masks are made from 100% organic cotton; are reusable and machine-washable; and allow you to match your dog on everyday walks, while preventing the spread of germs and viruses. Matching leashes are available as well.

Check out the Doggie and Me Collection here.

Learn more about Walkee Paws here.



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