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Wellness Pet Co. Expands Its Portfolio

It will include sustainable protein sources and more age and life stage variety.




(PRESS RELEASE) TEWKSBURY, MA — Wellness Pet Company (“Wellness Pet” or the “company”), the largest independent premium pet food company in North America, is introducing new nutritional innovation at Global Pet Expo 2022 with a focus on meeting the health needs of pets and the evolving interests of next-generation pet parents. Designed to support a shared life of wellbeing between pets and pet parents, select new products from the Wellness and WHIMZEES by Wellness brands feature sustainable protein sources and more variety for varying pet ages and life stages.

Plant-based human diets continue trending, and pet parents are interested in serving up a similar approach to their pets. As such, the company is introducing its first plant-based pet food recipes. Wellness CORE Digestive Health Plant-Based kibble is a complete and balanced meatless dog food crafted with probiotics and whole eggs to support dog’s immune systems and whole-body health, and new Wellness CORE Immune Health Bowl Boosters are a plant-based topper that allow pet parents to supplement their dog’s food with an extra boost of flavor to help dogs stay healthy and active in the long term.

The Wellness Bowl Boosters line will also expand with new Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly, launching later this spring. Wellness recognizes the increasing demand from pet parents for more options that bring added enjoyment to mealtime. With that in mind, Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly was designed to complement a dog’s favorite kibble as a topper, but is also complete and balanced to be served as a full meal, if desired. This freshly made addition to the Wellness lineup of products gives pet parents four delicious recipes to supercharge their kibble that dogs will love, while delivering health benefits that pet parents can see.

“We’ve seen firsthand an increase in pet parent interest and demand for alternative protein sources and life stage-tailored nutrition with tangible health outcomes like immunity and all-day energy. This stems from trends we’re seeing in human foods and is being led by the newest generation of pet parents who are seeking a more holistic approach to pet health,” said Dr. Danielle Bernal, veterinarian with Wellness Pet Company. “We’re committed to innovation that exceeds the demand for scientifically-proven health outcomes and to crafting natural foods and treats that support a long-lasting shared life of wellbeing.”

Supporting a life-long pet parenting journey, Wellness Pet Company now offers new natural nutrition options for the oldest and youngest of furry family members. New Wellness Complete Health Age Advantage recipes for cats are specially made for 7+ year olds by supporting immunity, energy, healthy muscles, strong joints and healthy coat, all of which are essential for the health of aging cats. For new members of the family, Wellness Complete Health Kitten recipes are scientifically crafted with high-quality protein, DHA and taurine to support the unique needs of growing kittens, such as brain and eye development. The top performing Wellness CORE Tiny Tasters portfolio now includes Kitten recipes alongside new forms, such as minced and flaked, for adults. These single-serve options eliminate leftovers and food waste while promoting hydration and nutrition with proven outcomes for cats at any age.

Digestive health from the inside out and at any age continues to be a top priority for next-generation pet parents. The Wellness CORE Digestive Health line for dogs is expanding to include new Puppy and Age Advantage options, allowing pet parents to select digestive health recipes that better target their pet’s unique needs. Crafted with probiotics and a blend of prebiotic fibers, this line supports a healthy microbiome and immunity, promotes lustrous coat and healthy skin and encourages vitality for optimal energy, giving pups and senior dogs alike a happy belly, which is key for total body health.


“Pet parents don’t want a rote approach to everyday feeding—they want a shared experience that’s exciting for their dog or cat and strengthens the pet parent bond. That’s often achieved through nutritional variety and serving up a range of treats, toppers, dry and wet recipes with a clear focus on your pet’s age, needs and recipe-specific proven health outcomes,” said Bernal.

Expanded innovation from Wellness Pet Company also includes the introduction of the WHIMZEES by Wellness Occupy Product Line, a new line of chews to help occupy dogs. The Calmzees Antler kicks off the line as an antler-shaped chew that gives dogs a fun and nutritional chewing challenge that keeps them engaged longer. These long-lasting, rawhide-free chews have just six primary ingredients, so dogs have a safe and satisfying chewing experience and parents know they’re helping to keep their dog’s teeth clean. Veggie Ear and Ricebone chew variations will join the line later this year.

New recipes will be on display at Global Pet Expo, March 23-25th in Orlando, Fla. at Booth 1850. To learn more about the products or find an authorized retailer, visit here.



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