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West Paw Launches Regenerative Beef Sticks From Sustainable Montana Ranches

The sticks are made from 100% grass-fed, traceable and local beef.




(PRESS RELEASE) BOZEMAN, MT — West Paw, the Certified B Corporation known best for designing pet products for the love of pets, people and the planet, introduces its first ever 100% purely Montana dog treats, Montana Beef Sticks, sourced from Montana Regenerative Ranches and validated by the Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE). Since the concept was hatched in 2017, the company’s goal has been to source, raise and produce treats in its home state of Montana.

“Being raised on a working Montana ranch as the 5th generation from my homesteading ancestors, I learned how important the land is to the health of animals and rural communities. Creating the best treats for dogs is about doing what is right for their health, as well as a healthy planet and community. These aren’t your ordinary treats; they come from somewhere special,” said West Paw CEO Spencer Williams. “Our model is unique because we pay ranchers directly for the organs that were previously discarded at their expense, while leveraging a 30- year NGO, the Western Sustainability Exchange, to validate the ranches’ practices. With regenerative ranching, healthy pastures provide key habitats for wildlife, a way to sequester carbon and fight climate change, and a livelihood for those bringing wholesome nutrition to people and pets. When you support regenerative ranching, like our beef sticks do, you bolster a growing movement of ethical agriculture that gives back.”

Montana Beef Sticks are nutrient dense and high reward treats produced from the parts of the cow that would normally go to waste, providing essential vitamins and minerals for healthy immune systems along with omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. Free from antibiotics and hormones, the 100% grass-fed regenerative beef is raised on Montana ranches that rely on the best nature-led practices that enrich soil health, restore habitat, sequester carbon and avoid pesticides.

“As a historic network rich in tradition, we are serious about protecting Montana, its land and its people, which is why we are embarking on this collaboration with West Paw,” said Chris Mehus, program director at WSE. “We believe we must work with the people on the land to best advocate for regenerative ranching practices, reduce operating costs and cultivate a healthy ecosystem for all. West Paw’s Montana Beef Sticks are a part of the solution.”

Trace your beef, right down to the ranch, with the QR code featured on the back of each Montana Beef Sticks bag. Learn more about Regenerative Ranching here.

Montana Beef Sticks come in a 6oz bag of 15 sticks and retail for $29.95.


Every purchase is backed by West Paw’s “Love It Guarantee”.


As Dog’s Best Friend, West Paw delights dogs with healthy toys and treats—while watching out for their human companions and the world we all live in, too. Family owned and operated from Bozeman, Montana, the Certified B Corp and CERTIFIED EVERGREEN company has recycled almost 150,000 pounds of award- winning dog toys, spun over 16 million water bottles into dog beds and toy stuffing, and innovated a toy line that reclaims ocean-bound plastic. Founded in 1996, West Paw has been designated one of Forbes America’s Best Small Companies (2016), Montana Manufacturer of the Year (2017), and Bozeman’s Choice Employer (2020). Its products can be found in over 6,000 retailers in 40 different countries. Find out more at or follow us at @westpawus.



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