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What on Your Plate Are You Excited About?

For us, it’s the PETS+ Wellness Summit and the prospect of more events that help both pets and businesses.




IN OUR LATEST BRAIN SQUAD survey, we asked readers to let us know what they had on their plates that they were excited about … and maybe even a little bit scared by. But before I get into that, I’m going to take the editor’s prerogative and tell you my answer to the same question: I’m excited about the PETS+ Wellness Summit.

The summit is our first opportunity to bring you PETS+-style advice, live and in the flesh. We have an amazing two days of exhibits and education planned Oct. 1-2 outside Chicago, packed with pet-wellness experts and vendors as well as with PETS+ readers, who — as they do

in every issue — will be sharing the spotlight, providing their real-life, learned-in-the-trenches perspectives.
We know that not everyone can make it. But we’re hoping — and here, yes, is the scary part — those who do come love it so much they’ll want more … and that we’ll be able to put on similar events throughout the year and throughout the country.


To borrow a phrase from Brain Squad member Kimberly Gatto, who’s launching e-commerce shopping at The Wagging Tail in Las Vegas, NV, we’re hoping it takes our little business to the next level.

Like Anna Woodcock, who is adding grooming to her Brown Dog Barkery in Ankeny, IA, and who says “it’s exciting and scary at the same time,” boy, can we ever relate.

But what I think may bring home the sentiment best is The Bark Market’s Karen Conell, who tells us she’s ecstatic over the number of pet parents around Delavan, WI, advocating for and educating themselves about raw food, CBD and supplements. “It’s not just the sales we love,” she says, “it’s the feedback we are getting on the improved health and wellness of the pets. It doesn’t get much better!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Ralf Kircher
Editor-in-Chief, Pets+

Five Great Tips From This Issue That You Can Do Today

1. Make a list of 20 questions your staff can ask a customer that open a conversation. (Calendar, page 18)

2. Head to your parking lot. Is it clean? Are staff taking the best places? (Manager’s To-Do List, page 20)

3. One great way to develop a fan base for products like toppers is to run a free-with-purchase-of food offer. (Hot Sellers, page 24)

4. Remind customers you’re not all about business by creating an online tribite to customers’ departed pets. (Tip Sheet, page 48)

5. Set aside an hour a week just to make — and announce — decisions. (Tip Sheet, page 48)



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