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Retailer Wishlist

What Retailers Want and Need in the Pet Dental Category

An electric toothbrush, dental chews without starch plus many more requests from retailers to brands.




  • More Veterinary Oral Health Council-certified toothpastes. — Kirsten Puhr, The NW Dog Poulsbo, WA
  • Something that senior dogs or dogs with no teeth can gum on. — Zachary Dewitt, Skilos, A Family Pet Store, Milwaukee, WI
  • Better explanation of how water additives work on their packaging. How do you know if each pet is getting enough in a multipet home? Most say great for multipet, but do not explain the mechanics behind it. — Cindy Samartino, Wiggle Butt & Whiskers, Leesburg, VA
  • A product that mimics the sterile knuckle and kneecap bones. — Diane Mullen, Winni Paw Station, Wolfeboro, NH
  • A microfiber brush with handle. Microfiber does a much better job than bristles. — Andrea Demmons, The Tailgait Market, Asheville, NC
  • Puppy/kitten training for new owners. They must start dental care when they first get the animal. — Stephanie Cox, Central Animal Inn, Herrin, IL
  • Electric toothbrush for dogs! — Anna Woodcock, Brown Dog Bakery, Ankeny, IA
  • I would love to see some type of dental product that the raw feeder would feel more comfortable using. I don’t know what that would be, but I would love to see it! — Penny Murano, Unleashed, New London, NH
  • A once-weekly option would be a good category. — Angela Pantalone, Wag Central, Stratford, CT
  • I’d love if there was a collagen chew with sea kelp and tripe, to avoid the carbohydrates altogether. — Julie Johannes, Happy Hounds Pet Supply, Bigfork, MT
  • Handouts and possibly a video. — Susan Nagel-Rees, Winky’s Pet Boutique, Chester, NJ
  • Individual toothpaste samples! We’d love to give out them with a toothbrush to clients as a gift. — Amber Van Denzen Suarez, Atta Boy! Animal Care Pet Sitting + Dog Walking, Mulberry, FL
  • More all-natural products would be great. And why they work, and how. Then, of course, training and samples to hand out. — Ruth Sturgis, Dog Daze, North Syracuse, NY
  • Marketing slides for Facebook and Instagram, explaining why the product works to prove it’s worth the cost. — Erin Paitrick, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Summerville, Summerville, SC
  • Fewer starch-based dental chews. — Jennifer Flanagan, Nature’s Pet Market Sherwood, Sherwood, OR
  • Testimonials about products, before-and-afters, are great for use in advertising and selling items in the store. Easy to display and get customers’ interest. — Michelle Smith, Natural Pet Center, Fargo, ND
  • More shelf-talkers so people can more easily determine the features and benefits of various products. Samples to be handed out by our groomers would be very helpful, too. — Jeffery Jensen, Four Muddy Paws, St. Louis, MO
  • Dental treats for picky cats. — Amber Hudson, The Aquarium Pet Store, Weatherford, OK
  • More mint toothpaste options and fewer that contain chicken. — Natalie Bosch, Albany Pet Hotel, Albany, OR
  • Shelf-talkers or informational brochures to convince pet owners that crunchy kibble does not clean teeth. — Jodi Etienne, Razzle Dazzle Doggie Bow-tique, Bradley, IL
  • Customers love any type of frequent-buyer program. — Kate Bowman, Clipper’s Canine Cafe, Ellicott City, MD
  • No fillers, preservatives, sugars or chemicals — only wholesome ingredients and truthful marketing on the bag. — Janet Cesarini, Pupology, Georgetown, TX
  • Giving your dog one dental chew a day adds up in calories and dollars as well. So we are looking for something safe, easy, palatable, not too expensive AND that shows visible results. — Barbara Clemmens, Aardvark Pet Supplies, Inc., Thornwood, NY
  • No potato or rice. More natural dental products. Longer-lasting natural chews. — Beth Staley, Happy Dog Barkery, Downers Grove, IL
  • I would love to be introduced to some great all-natural brands of toothpaste and a great high-quality toothbrush. I am always really hesitant when it comes to bringing stuff like this into my barkery. I will only bring something in that is 100% all-natural. — McKenna Burzimati, Roxies Barkery, North Adams, MA
  • We need more materials to educate customers as to the importance of dental care! — Gloria VonZech, The Principled Pet, Collingswood, NJ
  • Would love some supplements that you add to food for dental health. So many of the items on the market are geared toward applying to teeth every day, and that’s not realistic for some many customers. — Nicole Cummins, 3 Dogs and a Chick, Ft Walton Beach, FL
  • Stuff without flour and thickeners. Anything with starches is pointless. — Krysta Fox Bruce, & Willy’s Natural Pet Source, Geneva, IL
  • A good enzymatic paste would be a hit! — Stephanie Wright, Bend Pet Express, Bend, OR
  • Dental treats for cats that they will eat. — Angela Velasquez, The Kitty Bodega, Houston, TX
  • Clean dental products that are not high in carbs (sugars). — Becci Scott, Fetching Dog, Scottsdale, AZ
  • A long-lasting, odor-free treat that actually helped keep teeth clean. — Lisa Kirschner, Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, Inc., Stroudsburg, PA
  • Support is always appreciated! Also, a dental treat that’s not full of starch would be good, too. — Cassie Nilsson, The Mill Stores, Whiteford, MD
  • Treats without potato starch. — Jennifer Thomas, Lucky Dog Pet Grocery & Bakery, Lawrence, KS
  • More natural dental chews instead of water additives or treats. It just seems like there’s a lot of those on the market; unless I’m missing something in the category. And I’m not really buying the toothpaste and toothbrush options. I myself wouldn’t brush my dog or cat’s teeth. — Brittany Schlup, Premium Pets, Jefferson City, MO
  • Chews that help with plaque as well as bad breath. — Karen Komisar, Sea Dog Pet Boutique, Annapolis, MD
  • It would be great to have a dental chew where a single item/SKU would be appropriate for all sizes of dog. Being a small shop, when companies start making multiple sizes of an edible item it’s hard to justify the space for all of them. — Amanda Favoino, Paws of Distinction, New Paltz, NY
  • Something that aggressively takes plaque off of teeth. — Pam Alerine, Style Mutt, Cleveland, OH
  • Samples from manufacturers are always helpful. When we are sent or given samples to hand out, we always sell more of any dental product. We love companies who offer both bulk and bagged dental options. That way customers can first try one to two and then come back and get a bag. — April Wright The Dog and Cat, Essex, JCT, VT
  • Cat dental treats that have actually decent ingredients. I am not convinced anyone can make these. — Shane Somerville, Paddywack, Mill Creek, WA
  • Better quality-ingredient chewables. — Dawn Hanner, Eastside Dog LLC, Redmond, WA
  • Something that works that is not a carb-filled wax chew. — Ann Peterson, Ann-imals Pet Supply York, ME
  • We already stock chews, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental spray. I’d like to see complimentary samples. — Cynthia McKinney, Loyl’s Natural Pet Grocery & Groomery, Houston, TX
  • Would like to offer our clients all-natural dental treats that come in packs and are reasonably priced. — Chad Miller, Pet Wants Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • Ease of use, fast working, truly does what it says. More items needed to add to food. — Jennie Dudley, Hairy Winston, Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Natural. Safe for dogs. No rawhide. — Tricia Hoehn, PawFection Pet Barkery and Boutique, Park Hills, MO
  • When I was taking a class, we had to make a flier on the benefits of good dental care for our pets. I made extra copies and handed them out to my clients. Something like this would be nice for customers to read. — Mary Simpson, E & M Pets, Countryside, IL
  • We are looking for something that actually works. We test all the products we receive, but tartar is still a problem. — Gary Hughes, Gangsta Dog, Norfolk, VA
  • I would love to see healthy dental chews! When I look at the ingredient panel on most of them, they’re nothing I would ever give my own dogs. — Beth Kidd, Dogs By Design, Irwin, PA
  • Limited-ingredient dental chews. — Carly House of Paws, Pet Boutique, Regina, SK
  • More samples would be helpful. — Ron Keller, Captivating Canines, Westerville, OH
  • Point-of-sale information, maybe a flier, poster. something in that line would be awesome. — Dorothy Stewart, Dorothy’s Pet Shop, Junction City, KS
  • Treats that make the breath better. — Dennis Gingrich, Puppers & Hairballs, Sebring, FL
  • Our customers are always looking for easy ways to “clean” their dog’s teeth without having a dental done. — Elaina Stanley, Three Happy Hounds, Fernley, NV
  • A topper that had enzymes to help with dental issues. — Paul Lewis The Green K9, Eustis, FL
  • A dental chew product that isn’t loaded with starches and sugars. — Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy, Fredericksburg, VA
  • We love the in-between products! Water additives are so-so, hard for people to believe they will work well enough, and brushing their dogs teeth seems like a pretty big challenge, messy and inconvenient. Sprays and gels that can just quickly be applied are always my go to recommendations. I also love marketing that shows some before and after pictures! — Nicole Olesen Woofs & Waves, Sioux Falls, SD
  • I would love to see some new dental chews that are more natural and not just full of starches and chemicals. — Kelly Hilzendager, Treat Play Love, Grand Forks, ND
  • A product that is a no brainer for the consumer that takes all the yuck off a dog’s teeth and actually works! — Doug Staley, Pet Palace of New City, New City, NY
  • A bag or box that will get a pet through a full month. — Michele Saharic, Barkley’s Marketplace, Flemington, NJ

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