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What Would a Reality TV Show Based on Your Pet Business Be Called?

Members of the PETS+ Brain Squad share the title of a reality TV show shot in their business.




Editor’s note: We asked members of the PETS+ Brain Squad: If there was a reality TV show for your business, what would it be called? We’d watch these for sure!

  • Hairy Days! — Julie B., Wichita, KS
  • The Raw World. — Cindy M., Osprey, FL
  • As The Tail Wags. — Janet C., Georgetown, TX
  • Is That Chocolate? — Kendra M., Omaha, NE
  • Canine Candid Camera. — Victoria P., Atlanta, GA
  • America’s Finniest Store Videos. — Bob B., Catharpin, VA
  • Eat, Woof, Love. — Andrea D., Asheville, NC
  • My Life in the Doghouse. — Jodi E., Bradley, IL
  • Cheers for Pets. — George B., Eastsound, WA
  • Real Housefluffs of Fort Lauderdale! — Lauren O., Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Indie and Afraid. — Jack C., Manchester, NH
  • Who Will Poop Next? — Step C., Herrin, IL
  • Tails of the Mutts & Famous. — Brianna S., Mt Juliet, TN
  • Dogs (and Cats!) of Our Lives. — Jennifer G., Bradenton, FL
  • True Life: I’m Surviving the Pet Retail Industry. — Adrian P., Havelock, NC
  • Paws & Recreation. — Anna F., Croton-on-Hudson, NY
  • As the Pet Store Turns. — Heather P., Lewisville, NC
  • The Price Is Right: Retail Edition. With all the price adjustments happening, we’re all just guessing at this point. — Stephanie W., Bend, OR
  • Real Dog Moms of Ankeny. — Anna W., Ankeny, IA
  • Body Parts and Homeopaths. — Julie J., Bigfork, MT
  • What’s Wrong With the POS Now? — Kris C., Bozeman, MT
  • Lost: A Shipping Container Saga. — Julie S., Marysville, WA
  • How Could You Possibly Remember That?! — Annabell B., Alexandria, VA
  • Survivor! — Cathy D., Belleville, IL
  • The Quest for Raw Body Parts. — Beth K., Irwin, PA
  • Dogs of Our Lives. — Kim S., Broken Arrow, OK
  • Real Shop Pets of Kansas. On tonight’s episode, you’ll meet shop cat Pretzel, who has a better wardrobe than anyone on staff. — Jennifer T., Lawrence, KS
  • With our name being what it is, and it being a reality show about work, I think I’d have to go with Wack Jobs. — Shane S., Mill Creek, WA
  • Exhausted and Terrified. — Robin J., Monroe, WI
  • A Little Basic and a Little Bougie. — Pamela M., Lexington, SC
  • As The Mill Turns. Sometimes it really feels like a soap opera around here! — Cassie N., Whiteford, MD
  • Disneyland for Dogs. — Carol W., St. Louis, MO
  • Pooch Pampering Peeps. — Crisi F., Victoria, TX
  • Finnegan’s Ruff Life (from his perspective, what it’s like being the pet of a pet store owner). — Errin J., St. Helens, OR
  • Puggle Product Testers. — Danny O., Philadelphia, PA
  • The UnReal Tails of Paw County. — Shawn K., Lakeway, TX
  • Wishbone Pet Co. vs. The World. — Susannna F., Freedom, CA
  • Behind the Woof! — Michael M., Camden, DE
  • Tails of the $hit. 🙂 — Richie P., Springfield, OR
  • Paws and Enjoy Life!™. — Wendy M., Emerald Isle, NC
  • The Scoop on the Poop in the Pet Food Industry. — Denise S., Cottonwood, AZ
  • Dog’s Day Away From Home! — Deana D., Park Rapids, MN
  • The Animal Church (as our customers lovingly call it). — Samantha Y., Wilkinson IN
  • Crazy Town. — Mary K., Alexandria, VA
  • Feed Your Bitch. — Angie S., Albany, OR
  • Adventure Paws. — Michelle S., Fargo, ND
  • Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated. — Dylan G., New Bedford, MA
  • Woof Tales. — Pennye J., Washington, DC
  • Welcome to the Shit Show. — Corey H., Altamont, NY
  • You Can’t Say That on TV. — Keith H., Asheville, NC
  • Dog Krazy. Because it fits us perfectly. No need to change the name. — Nancy G., Fredericksburg, VA
  • Do Your Research. — Liz H., Madison, FL
  • Never Stop Learning; Never Stop Growing! — Gary A., Petoskey, MI
  • It’s a Dog Eat Dog World. — Frank F., Farmingdale, NJ
  • sPETacular Shopping. — Teresa F., Farmingdale, NJ
  • Wild Pack. — Christina C., Charleston, SC
  • Hound Hijinks. — Jennifer H., Charlottesville, VA
  • Who’s in Charge? I like to give my employees freedom to do what they think will work. If they want to create displays, bring in products, rearrange the store I am alway willing to support their efforts. — Ben H., Jeannette, PA
  • A Girl and her Best Friend (Pup… Elsa)! — Ruth S., North Syracuse, NY
  • Dogs Days of Summer. — Maria C., Barnegat, NJ
  • You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. — Barbara C., Thornwood, NY
  • Pet Store Wars. — Margo T., Brooklyn, NY
  • They Want WHAT? — Laura B., Columbus, NC
  • For All Those Pampered Paws. — Doug S., New City, NY
  • The Happy Hipster Hounds. — Kristen W., Savannah, GA
  • Never a Dull Moment. — Diane M., Mechanicsburg, PA
  • In the Kitchen. — Beth S., Downers Grove, IL
  • Pet Store Rescue. — Carly P., Regina, SK, Canada
  • Indie Pet Confidential. — Karen C., Delavan, WI
  • On the Road Again. — Jodi M., Coral Springs, FL
  • “Where’s the Pee?” — Myra T., Decatur, GA
  • A Pet’s Life. — Johnna D., Richmond, RI
  • Keeping Portlandia WEIRDER! — Jennifer F., Sherwood, OR
  • Welcome to My Shit Show. Well, it’s not always a shit show, but it IS always very interesting. Scenes would include: Cleaning up dog pee with one hand while eating pizza with the other and avoiding cross-contamination. Catching stray kittens. Providing necessities to our colorful local homeless population (I love them). Hosting 200 wedding guests flash-mob style in the middle of the street. Silently thwarting children’s shenanigans with only a look. Impromptu dance parties with visitors during thunderstorms. Projectile cat diarrhea. That one time a woman went into labor on my sofa during a festival. Catching a peacock with the cops. Water gun fights. Staff relationship drama. Customer relationship drama. A shoulder to cry on when experiencing loss. Gigantic piles of donations for our local humane society. Keeping tabs on our regulars and making sure they are alive and well. Second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch, third lunch, first dinner and snacks in between. (We are big eaters). Chihuahuas driving Chihuahua-sized Rolls Royces. When the IRS finally decides to reconcile that $83 charge that I paid six years ago. I somehow seem to plan a lot of oddball weddings. Oh, and we sell pet supplies. Almost forgot that. It’s an interesting life! — Caroline G., Hendersonville, NC
  • Playing in Traffic. — Krysta F., Geneva, IL
  • As the Wags Turn. — Janelle P., Plainfield, IL
  • Life Behind the Scents of Albany Pet Hotel. — Natalie B., Albany, OR
  • My Dog Is Cuter than Yours. — Rachel M., Parrish, FL
  • The Great Dog Treat Baking Championship. — Jennifer B., North Ridgeville, OH
  • Wild Chicago Pets. — Jabré W., Chicago, IL
  • When our dog Foster was our shop dog in our original shop, the show would definitely have been called Life with Foster. He had a big personality and quite the fan base at the shop. He’s dearly missed. — Jeff J., St Louis, MO
  • Time Flies When You’re Crazy. — Kris M., Fort Smith, AR
  • Cheers for Pups. Our whole concept is built around the concept of “Everyone knows your name.” Customers know they can come in and spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour just talking shop, about life, sports, just about anything. We try to know every customer and their pet by name, and by their regular favorites. We even have a customer package/mail drop-off for a certain group of original customers, our OG ladies if you will. They refer to themselves as the crew and they often leave gifts for each other here at the store if they can’t meet up. Our retention rate is over 98% due to the small, quaint and friendly atmosphere, the complete transparency and the fact that I sacrifice possible income by only carrying healthy products I believe in. I could sell certain brands and add to my income, but I refuse to bend on my principle of only selling the healthiest products and maintaining the holistic part of “euPAWRia, Your Holistic Pet Center.” — Brett F., Owego, NY
  • “You Fed WHAT to Your Dog?” — Diana F., San Antonio, TX
  • Survivor Veterinary Health Care Team Island. — Robert F., Verona, WI
  • The Real Dog Life Mount Dora. — Paul L., Mount Dora, FL
  • Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated. — Jocelyn T., Bristol, RI
  • Dogs Diggin Life! — April M., Crestview, FL
  • Feast or Famine. — Tiffany M., Dallas, TX
  • The Helpful Ladies at the Pet Store. That is what most of Muskego knows us as. We will get customers who have been recommended to come in and talk with the helpful ladies at the pet store (and we all wear name tags). I guess it’s great that our customers think we all are helpful. — Paula G., Muskego, WI
  • Crazy Busy Dogs. — Darrel D., Lithia, FL
  • Sunshine State Pets. — Amber S., Mulberry, FL
  • Who’s in Gig’s Kitchen? — Stephanie R., Chadds Ford, PA
  • 1000 Bird Life. — Sal, Webster, NY
  • Survivor: Tourists vs. Locals. Our locals have a strange disdain for the tourists, and the interaction in the store is hilarious. A lot of eye rolls and under-the-breath murmuring. We love them all of course. — Scott T., Galveston, TX
  • Lifestyles of the Potentially Rich and Nearly Famous. I think the famous part is coming after I wear my Curbside Cupid outfit over Valentine’s Weekend. It has so much tulle on the skirt, and the wings are huge. Definitely going to be social media fodder for weeks! — Pattie Z., Charlottesville, VA
  • Happy Daze. — Ron K., Westerville, OH
  • Dream Big. — Lisa K., Stroudsburg, PA
  • The Barkery Championship. Just last week, I was joking with my general manager that I was pitching an idea to the Food Network & Animal Planet about our dog bakery. I told her it would bring together dog bakeries from across the country to compete and would highlight different rescues and their dogs each week as judges, along with maybe Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro. Who doesn’t love cake and dogs? Seriously, if you know how to pitch this idea, let’s do it. — Teresa H., Ashburn, VA
  • Pet Store Foster Fails! — Helen B., Chester, MD
  • Watch It Wiggle. — Cindy S., Leesburg, VA
  • Natural Pet CLE. — Christine M., North Royalton, OH



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