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White House Is Without a Pet for First Time in Modern History




But the VP has several.

Donald Trump is unique among modern presidents in that he has no pets, CNN reports.

Presidents have kept a wide variety of companion animals in the White House in a tradition that dates to the Thomas Jefferson era, according to the article. Presidential pets have included not only dogs and cats, but also more exotic creatures, from bears to sheep to, in the case of John Quincy Adams, possibly an alligator.

When presidents include pets as part of their public image, they become easier to relate to, Andrew Hager, historian in residence at the Presidential Pet Museum, told CNN. 

“It’s a window into the person’s soul in a way you don’t get at a press briefing or a campaign ad,” he said.


But spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told CNN that there are currently no plans to add a pet to the presidential family.

Vice President Mike Pence’s family, on the other hand, has owned several pets, including cats, dogs and a rabbit, Marlon Bundo.

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