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World’s Leading Pet-Sitter Association Celebrated 25 Years

Sunday, March 17, marked the 25th business anniversary of Pet Sitters International (PSI).




(PRESS RELEASE) Sunday, March 17, marked the 25th business anniversary of Pet Sitters International (PSI), which was officially founded by Patti J. Moran on March 17, 1994.

PSI is the world’s leading educational association for professional pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses. The association represents nearly 6,000 member businesses in the United States, Canada and more than 15 other countries.

“The professional pet-sitting industry has experienced significant growth in the last two and a half decades,” said Moran. “At PSI we feel our mission of ‘promoting pet-sitting excellence through education’ is more important than ever before.”

Moran developed pet sitting as a profession after starting her own pet-sitting business in North Carolina in 1983. After word of her business spread to other parts of the United States, Moran was prompted to put her how-to advice on paper. Her book, Pet Sitting for Profit, was published in 1987 and is often referred to as the “bible of professional pet sitting.”

Moran didn’t stop there. Requests for her pet-sitting forms led to the start of Patti Moran’s Products for Professional Pet Sitters and as others joined her in the profession, she ultimately founded PSI in 1994.

“When I first started pet sitting, there was no one available to give me advice or point me toward business tools and educational resources to help me in my endeavors,” said Moran. “I feel honored that I was able to share what I learned with others, and that PSI has been able to help thousands of pet lovers turn their passion for pets into successful careers.”


Since its creation, PSI has been a trailblazer in the professional pet-care sector, with numerous contributions to the industry including:

  • Partnering with Business Insurers of the Carolinas to provide the first-ever business insurance for professional pet sitters
  • Publishing the first magazine for professional pet sitters, now called Pet Sitter’s World
  • Hosting the industry’s first international conference, now called Pet Sitter World Educational Conference and hosted annually in November
  • Offering the first-ever knowledge-assessed certification specifically for professional pet sitters

“Together with our members, PSI is continually shaping the standards of professional pet sitting and offering pet sitters and dog walkers around the globe the tools needed to succeed in this ever-changing profession,” added Moran.

PSI has hosted various opportunities throughout the month to celebrate, including its first-ever online conference on March 7. The 25th anniversary celebration will culminate on Monday, March 18, with a live interview with Moran on the association’s Facebook page.

To learn more about PSI and the professional pet-sitting industry, or to find a local PSI member pet-sitting business, visit



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