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Worldwise Donates Over $15,000 in Pet Supplies to the Comfort Dog Program in NYC Schools




(PRESS RELEASE) NOVATO, CA – Working in close partnership with the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), a non-profit organization that is providing rescue dogs for New York City schools through the NYC Department of Education’s Comfort Dog Program, Worldwise, Inc. (and their family of pet product brands) is proud to be the exclusive donation partner for dog toys, pet beds and pet carriers with NSALA for the Comfort Dog Program.

Now expanded to 40 schools, the dogs that are part of this program support students’ social-emotional learning, help calm kids down during outbursts, ease conflicts, and provide emotional support in times of need. They even provide a non-judgmental partner for activities such as speech therapy and reading practice, and help improve school culture overall

“We are thrilled to support the Comfort Dog Program through our partners at the North Shore Animal League of America and serve as their Exclusive Dog Product Donor for the 2017-18 school year,” said Kevin Fick, CEO of Worldwise, Inc. “With an unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, style, and comfort for pets and the people that love them, Worldwise is honored to donate beds, toys, and carriers from our most popular brands such as TrustyPup, goDog, Petlinks, Hear Doggy! and SHERPA.  Our hope is that these product-solutions will help keep the dogs that are part of this incredible program comfortable, happy, and safe, as they dutifully and loyally serve in NYC schools.”

“Through the incredible generosity of Worldwise, our school dogs are comfortable, and have many toys to keep them occupied when at recess,” states NSALA’s Director of Communications Kathleen Lynn. “These donated beds, carriers, and toys from Worldwise help promote fun for our dogs when they are on break and not teaching in the classroom and also create a safe, comfortable space in all of our schools.”





NASC Media Spotlight

At first it was just an idea: Animal supplements needed the same quality control that human-grade supplements receive. But that was enough to start a movement and an organization —the National Animal Supplement Council — that would be dedicated to establishing a comprehensive path forward for the animal supplements industry. In this Media Spotlight interview, NASC’s president, Bill Bookout, talks to PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita about the industry today: Where it’s headed, what’s the latest focus and why it’s vital to gain the involvement of independent pet product retailers.

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