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You Can Now Use Facial Recognition Tech to Find a Lost Pet

App has reunited 15,000 pets with their owners.




People who are desperately looking for their lost pet have a new tool at their disposal.

It’s an app called Finding Rover that uses facial recognition to help find lost animals, ABC News reports.

You upload a picture of your cat or dog, and the app evaluates it against a database of found or rescued pets. The database includes more than 1 million animals, according to ABC News.

John Polimeno, founder of the app, told the news outlet that it’s “reunited over 15,000 pets with their owners” so far.

In evaluating for a match, it examines a number of features, such as fur color and space between the eyes.

More than 600 animals shelter in the U.S. and Canada, along with Australia, are using the app.


Debra Rahl of Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter told ABC’s Good Morning America: “We struggled with the lost and found here until we’ve started to use this tool.”

Read more at the ABC News

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