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You Should Apologize for Real Deal: The Case of the Dog Bite

A groomer weighs in on the latest Real Deal scenario, shares disappointment in response and sticks up for fellow groomer.




  • I love that there are so many people in our industry who freely share ideas and successes. It is inspiring and uplifting to hear what is working for others and to know it is all within reach. — Dani Edgerton, Paws on Main, Columbiana, OH
  • We absolutely getting the magazine in the mail. My team will try to beat each other to it! — Diedra Giles, Reeses Barkery and Pawtique, McHenry, IL
  • I’m a new business. I can’t tell if I’m growing well or not, and I have no one to talk to about it. — Rachel Aune, Buddy’s Pet Stop, Mobile, AL

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  • Regarding your “Real Deal: The Case of the Dog Bite,” I am pretty disappointed that not one of the respondents you got comments from was a groomer. They may have a groomer in their shops, but the owner of the shop and the groomer are two very different things. I cannot believe that not one person stood up for this groomer. If you had researched or asked groomers about this particular situation, you would have gotten a much more realistic and accurate response. It is disheartening to realize that the owners of these shops have no idea what amount of hard work their groomers do each day. I can’t believe that so many of them responded by throwing the groomer under the bus. You owe this fictitious groomer an apology and to maybe look at this from a groomer’s point of view. Bites happen. This was not the groomer’s fault. It was the dog’s fault. Martha Bolin, The Cranberry Dog, Holland, MI

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