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Ziwi Peak Provenance Series Launches in North America

Product line extension to launch in April 2020.




Ziwi can and air dry cat and dog food Can Sizes(dog-6oz.; cat-3oz and 6oz.); Air Dried Sizes(dog-5oz., 2lb., 4lb.; cat-4.5oz., 12oz.)

(PRESS RELEASE) ZIWI announces the launch of ZIWI Peak Provenance Series, a line extension featuring three new air-dried and can recipes for dogs and cats.

Richard Lawrence, managing director of ZIWI said, “The ZIWI brand has always been an expression of our home in New Zealand, however our newest recipes truly celebrate our rich culture and beautiful landscape. Life is special here in New Zealand─ this is a small way to share a bit about us to the world”.

Fed as a topper or complete meal, ZIWI Peak’s Provenance Series offers three new recipes, featuring 5 novel meats and fish, sourced from a single region in New Zealand.

  • East Cape – Named after the first place in the world to see the sunrise, ZIWI Peak’s East Cape recipe features free-range and grass-fed mutton and goat from the East Cape’s seaside pastures, along with several local species of wild-caught fish.
  • Otago Valley – Located in the southern region of the South Island, this recipe features a blend of grass-fed red meats with fish from subantartic waters
  • Hauraki Plains – Named for its “gentle winds”, ZIWI’s Hauraki Plains recipe combines poultry, fresh whole eggs and kahawai fish from New Zealand’s North Island.

All ethically and sustainably sourced, each ZIWI Peak Provenance recipes are crafted with up to 97% meat or poultry, seafood, organs and bone. A step up from other whole-prey offerings, ZIWI’s PeakPrey recipes not only feature a variety of protein sources, but also mimic authentic ratios and variety of organs found in a whole-prey animal.

For a nutritional boost, the new Provenance recipes feature a minimum of 10% superfoods. Perfect for carnivores, ZIWI’s Z-BOOST superfoods are a blend of cold-washed green tripe or poultry heart, whole New Zealand green mussels and organic kelp. Not only palatable, but also natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3.

What’s not in ZIWI Peak ‘s Provenance recipes is just as important as what is. Provenance’s air-dried and canned recipes are free from unwanted carbohydrates like potato, starches or legumes. They’re also free from artificial preservatives and binders like guar gum, carrageenan, agar agar, and TSPP.


Finally, like all ZIWI recipes, ZIWI Peak Provenance recipes are prepared naturally. As global leaders in air-dried foods, ZIWI has perfected the method of slowly and gently crafting the perfect alternative to raw recipes. ZIWI’s Z-TWINTECH air-drying technology locks in the nutrition of raw ingredients, while offering today’s pet guardians the safe convenience of dry foods.






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