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Zoo Med Labs Rolls Out New Products




(Press Release) Zoo Med Labs Inc. has rolled out several new products.

Zoo Med’s new Bird Banquet Cuttlebone (Item# BB-CL2, BB-CS2) is a calcium rich mineral block with real Cuttlebone. Perfect for beak conditioning and providing enrichment while birds perform natural chewing behaviors. Available as 2-packs of Small or Large Cuttlebone in Tropical and Banana flavors to add variety to your bird’s routine, and to best suit your pet’s unique size.

The company’s BirdTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer (Item# RT-2) is the perfect pocket-sized thermometer for instant and accurate measurements of temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Includes a Min/Max function that monitors fluctuations on temperature over time. It can be used to measure body, enclosure/aviary, perches, and egg/incubator temperatures.

The Digital Combo Thermometer Humidity Gauge (Item# TH-31) is great for use in terrariums, incubators, and other pet habitat applications. It features independent remote probes that measure heat and humidity from different locations of your pet’s habitat. The temperature probe is completely waterproof, allowing it to be used in open-air or submerged in water. The Gauge comes ready to use with an included battery, as well as suction cups that make for easy mounting of the thermometer display and probes on glass terrariums. With a wide temperature operating range, the Digital Combo Thermometer Humidity Gauge is ideal for both cool and warm water environments!

Zoo Med’s new 10”x10”x12” Nano Breeze Open Air Aluminum Screen Cage Habitat (Item#: NT-9) is an open air, black corrosion resistant anodized aluminum screen enclosure with a full acrylic front door for optimum viewing of your animals. Includes a hinged bottom door for easy substrate removal. Also Available is the optional Nano Breeze Substrate Tray for easy substrate removal and cleaning. All hardware is included for quick assembly using only a screwdriver.


Zoo Med’s TurtleTherm Automatic Preset Aquatic Turtle Heaters (Item# TH-50, TH-100) are preset at the ideal temperature of 78 degrees for aquatic pet turtles. The heater can be mounted on the side or back wall of glass tanks with the included suction cups and can be used to maintain water temperatures 24 hours a day. This fully submersible heater is equipped with an automatic safety shut off feature that will prevent the heater from coming on if it is removed from water. They are available in two options: 50 watts for up to 15 gallons water, and 100 watts for up to 30 gallons.



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