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Zuke’s Expands Lineup of Enhance Functional Chews




PETS Zukes(Press Release) DURANGO, CO – Zuke’s is expanding its Enhance Functional Chews lineup to include two new forms: Cognition and Immune Support.

The team introduced these new products at the Global Pet Expo this March. Crafted from some of the best herbs and high-quality ingredients that nature has to offer, these chews help support dogs’ daily mental and physical health.

More specifically:

  • Enhance Cognition Functional Chews are made with a blend of Elderberry, Hawthorn Berry, L-Arginine, MCT Oil, EPA & DHA from Menhaden Fish Oil, Biotin and Coconut Oil to help support normal brain health and function.
  • Enhance Immune Support Functional Chews contain a blend of Amla Berry, Astragalus Root, Reishi, Rose Hips, Spirulina, Turkey Tail, L-Arginine, and Elderberry to help support overall immune system.

The new functional chews join Zuke’s original lineup, which includes Calming, Digestion, Endurance, Fresh Breath, Mobility, and Shiny Coat. Developed with the help of a PhD herbalist and research findings from the latest scientific data, these cutting-edge formulas help support and maintain dog’s proper body function so he can continue to live a healthy, active life. Whether it’s Elderberry for cognition or Reishi for immune support, each form’s primary functional ingredients are listed on the front of each package.

In addition to being grain-free, these tender chews are highly palatable, crafted in small batches in the USA, and are available in both peanut butter and chicken recipes.

Zuke’s new Enhance Functional Chews SKUs will be available at pet specialty retailers nationwide in 5-ounce bags and line priced with the existing Enhance Chews line. The products, which are overseen by regulatory bodies, should be used for the specific issues they were designed to support rather than as a general treat for training. Follow feeding instructions based on the dog’s size.




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