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Ergonomically Correct

This innovative new line from EARTH RATED features dog toys ergonomically shaped for comfort. For example, the Fetch Toy shape ensures natural airflow when held in a dog’s mouth. Plus, it floats! Other designs are Chew, Tug, Fly and Treat. In-motion toys come in yellow, making them easy for dogs to spot, plus they bounce, wobble and roll in unpredictable ways. All are built to last and tested against many of the same safety standards as children’s toys.,

Chew So Good

Soft and grain free, EARTHBORN HOLISTIC EarthBites Chewy dog treats pack quite the punch for a small bite. Filled with premium meat proteins, savory bone broth, and antioxidant-rich superfoods such as butternut squash, blueberries and spinach. In 7-ounce How2Recycle compliant pouches. Made by Midwestern Pet Foods in its family-owned, U.S. kitchens.,

Get to Work

Made in the U.S., OPERATION GOOD BOY‘s purpose-driven, premium treats, gear and supplements give back to military working dog charities. The company’s newest products include Calming, Digestion, Hip & Joint, Immune Support, Adult Multivitamin and Skin & Coat Health supplements formulated for the rigors of working dogs — but supportive for the health of all pups — by Dr. Tim Loonam, a former Airborne Ranger veterinarian who cared for hundreds of working dogs in Iraq. 60 and 90 count.,

For Happy Hour

JOJO MODERN PETS serves up non-alcoholic and non-carbonated Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer, Posh Pooch Barker Bay Dog Wine and Posh Pooch Tailwagger Creek Dog Wine, all by Woof & Brew. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for natural, cooling hydration. Add to your celebrations and holiday displays., (855) 226-5656

The Power of Mushrooms

CRUDE CARNIVORE‘s Mushroom Broth for dogs blends functional mushrooms shiitake, lion’s mane and oyster with veggies and healing herbs for an immune-boosting combination. It also supports cognitive function, skin and coat health, gut stability and longevity. 16 ounces. Employee training and rack cards with all new orders, plus ISOs for new stores and product launches.,

Puzzle’s Little Helper

Fans of WEST PAW‘s puzzle-and-treat toy Toppl will line up for its companion, the Toppl Stopper. Designed to keep the Toppl plugged, stable and upright for filling and freezing with treats, it fits all sizes of the toys. Easy to clean, top-rack dishwasher safe. Made in the U.S. with recycled Ocean Bound Plastic. In a two-pack — dog head and butt — with a choice of Aqua Blue, Tangerine and Granny Smith.,, (800) 443-5567

Natural Pain Relief

From NATURALLY HEALTHY PETS and indie-favorite veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan comes Dr. Judy’s PEA. The dietary supplement for dogs and cats contains palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), a fatty acid compound naturally found in plants and animals that has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and pain-killing properties. PEA supports the healthy function of glial (nerve) and mast (immune) cells in the body, and can benefit nerve pain, cystitis and chronic urinary tract disease, allergies and mast cell tumors, among others. Infographics of benefits and side effects available.,

Deck the Paws

The new holiday collections from HUXLEY & KENT feature dog accessories along with Christmas and Hanukkah toys for cats and for pups. Accessories range from hats, scarves and bow ties to pinwheels. New Hanukkah plush toys include two for dogs and five multi-sensory toys for cats.,

Brush & Chew

Cinnamon flavor brushes away bad breath with the all-in-one Functional Dental Bones from ZESTY PAWS. Bones get in between teeth to prevent tartar buildup and support oral health with ingredients such as calcium, omega-3 and turmeric. Large bones for dogs 35 pounds or up. 8 and 24 count.,, (800) 738-0661

Soothing Slumber

The PUPPINGTON Pupper Slumber Ultra Calming Dog Bed soothes anxious dogs up to 25 pounds. The high-quality faux-shag fur creates a safe haven for pups (and cats), while the cradling design gives a sense of security. Raised rim offers head and neck support and ultra-soft filling relieves joint and muscle pain. Through participation in the Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship, Puppington curated stylish colors for the bed: Latte (shown here), Onyx, Charcoal, Lagoon and Silver Cloud. Machine washable, 24 by 24 by 6 inches. Woman-owned, U.S. small business.,, (646) 600-8319

Pumpkin Support

Organic Pumpkin Fiber Support from FERA PET ORGANICS helps regulate and alleviate upset stomachs and anal gland issues. Easy-to-use, the powdered supplement for dogs and cats tops off food, or it can be puréed, baked or frozen into treats. Packed with pumpkin seed, apple and coconut fiber, ginger root, plus prebiotics such as organic Jerusalem artichoke. USDA-Organic certified. 90 servings., (949) 610-9894

Sweet Fun

Pop-n-Purr Candy, the new refillable scent cat toy line from DEZI & ROO, comes in Lollipop and Candy. Pre-scented with silvervine, the toy allows cat owners to easily add more or other cat attractants, such as catnip. Offers endless fun and stimulation. Refillable nature and scent-customization options ensure repeat sales. Packaging features a clear window, allowing customers to see the product. Two-pack., (678) 498-4005

It’s the Goat

Joining BOSS NATION BRANDS Original Raw Goat Milk are new flavors Perfectly Pumpkin, Apple & Cranberry Smash, Consistently Carrot and Simply Spinach. Infused with DHA, taurine and probiotics. More easily absorbed by dogs and cats as it contains less lactose than cow’s milk, it serves as an excellent source of moisture. 32 ounces.,

Puppy Power

Help customers support the digestion, immunity and nutrient absorbption of their dogs with SOLID GOLD Meal Topper powered by NutrientBoost. Made with natural and sustainably sourced plasma from exclusively USDA-approved facilities. Grain and gluten free, and suitable for dogs of all life stages. Comes in handy 16-ounce resealable pouches. Part of the Nutrient Boost line that also includes foods for puppies and adult dogs., (866) 934-3687

Do Not Hold the Anchovies

Oceanic Treats: Whole Anchovies from NATURAL FARM are a healthy low-fat treat and source of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, folate, phosphorus and potassium. The single-ingredient treat supports joint function, muscular, skeletal and circulatory health, plus metabolism. Air-drying locks in natural benefits without adding fat or preservatives. 10 count in eco-friendly bags made of sugar cane. Product training book and access to digital assets available.,

Smells Like Fall

Light up or spray one of PET HOUSE BY ONE FUR ALL’s new fall scents to draw in passersby and keep customers shopping. The sprays and plant-based wax candles eliminate unpleasant odors and now come in Pumpkin Spice, Cherry Crumble, Apple Cider or Falling Leaves. Made in the U.S. with premium fragrances — no dyes, parabens or phthalates. Astro promotions, shelf-talkers, training and promotional support through distribution.,

When in Gnome

For pet parents who want to get their pup a legendary creature of their own, the Gnome Treat Dispenser chew toy fills with treats for canine enrichment. Made from PUP-X Synthetic Rubber, SODAPUP’s new space-age polymer that floats and makes the gnome ultra-durable for playtime.,

Safety First!

TALL TAILS combines safety, the smell of bacon, and grippy and groovy textures in its new Treat Bone. Equipped with an adjustable vice grip that allows pet parents to securely place their dog’s favorite bully or jerky stick, the device helps to reduce choking hazards associated with the small nub left after chewing. And once the chew has been thoroughly enjoyed, they can then apply spreadable or wedged treats to the toy’s recessed cavities. It’s also freezable! While not meant for consumption, the toy has the durability to be chewed but is soft enough not to splinter. In 5 and 7 inches.,

Just Add Water

On-the-go pet owners — or those who forgot to defrost their dog’s frozen food — just add low-sodium bone broth or water to Ready Raw freeze-dried pucks, the latest innovation from SCOUT & ZOE’S. The highly nutritious diet helps ensure pups with allergies and food sensitivities have healthy meals they can eat and enjoy. Made with human-grade ingredients in Beef, Chicken, Scout’s Blend, Turkey, SuperFly and Rabbit.,

Good Extractions

FELINE ESSENTIALS introduces medicinal mushroom extract formulas MycoCat Vitality, MycoCat Clarity and MycoCat Breathe by Jae Kennedy and Adrienne Lefebvre of Two Crazy Cat Ladies fame. MycoCat Vitality supports cats dealing with cancer, autoimmune disease, and liver and respiratory issues. MycoCat Clarity supports cognitive, nervous system, mental and emotional health. MycoCat Breathe supports heart, respiratory, immunity, kidney and liver health.,

Snout to Tail Support

The Daily, a new vitamin supplement for dogs from NATIVE PET, provides 10 benefits with one scoop. Made with functional ingredients to support mobility, energy, gut health and more. Harnessing the nutritional power of whole foods. In 7 or 14 ounces.,

20 On the Go

With a leak-proof design and built-in foldable silicone drinking bowl, the new Flip Dog Travel Water Bottle allows pet parents to give dogs fresh water on the go. The compact, foldable and lightweight design by SPRINGER makes it easy to pack and carry. Fits in most car cup holders and easily attaches to a backpack or leash with included carabiner.,

At Long Last

The Epic Chew combines gluten-free, grain-free and limited ingredients into a long-term chew. BOW WOW LABS chose real food ingredients to make it highly digestible, palatable and packed with nutrients. Designed for safe snacking in the company’s Bow Wow Buddy safety device, the four heads allow dogs to chew one at a time while the added nubs massage gums.,

Freeze-Dried Flavor

Developed by veterinarians, ULTIMATE PET NUTRITION Nutra Complete chicken formula blends cage-free premium chicken, seeds, vegetables, fruits and essential vitamins into freeze-dried raw for maximum nutrition and flavor. Each bite contains 41 hand-selected ingredients aligning with a cat’s natural diet and supports healthy digestion, a soft coat and healthy immune function. Single-animal protein and zero fillers, artificial preservatives or added grain., dan.

Pick It Up

Capture customer attention and turn on the laughs with the Oh Shit Poop Bag Holder from HEADLIGHT HARNESS. Hooks onto leash, keys or belt with included carabiner. With a snap, easily replace the poop bags. Includes poop bag roll. In six colors. Suggest for daily use or to give as a gift.,

Take It on the Road

Great for traveling pets, Instant Bone Broth Mega Pack provides all the benefits of BRUTUS BONE BROTH’s liquid beef broth in a powdered, no-refrigeration-necessary format. Add one scoop (included) to 8 ounces of water, shake or stir. Fortified with glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric.,

Mission-Driven Coziness

The Cat Basket from TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES gives kitties a cozy place to curl up while also helping to support artisans in developing countries. Plus, it’s eco-friendly. The basket uses recycled plastic, and the interior cushion features recycled sari fabric., (717) 278-2282

27 New & Notable Pet Products for Fall and Beyond

27 New & Notable Pet Products for Fall and Beyond

Ergonomically Correct

This innovative new line from EARTH RATED features dog toys ergonomically shaped for comfort. For example, the Fetch Toy shape ensures natural airflow when held in a dog’s mouth. Plus, it floats! Other designs are Chew, Tug, Fly and Treat. In-motion toys come in yellow, making them easy for dogs to spot, plus they bounce, wobble and roll in unpredictable ways. All are built to last and tested against many of the same safety standards as children’s toys.,