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3 European Pet Companies Collaborate with the Pet Sustainability Coalition to Drive Environmental and Social Impact




(PRESS RELEASE) BOULDER, CO — With increasing expectations for environmental reporting and the establishment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, European pet businesses that integrate sustainable business practices now will have a business advantage over those who are slow to act.

At Zoomark 2017, Spencer Williams, Founder and CEO of West Paw gathered a group of leading pet companies to discuss the potential of establishing an organization in Europe that could provide needed sustainable business support to European companies. Now, at Interzoo 2018, the Pet Sustainability Coalition will open membership to European pet companies and showcase three tangible case that demonstrate how businesses can benefit from joining the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition has established credible success in US by partnering with companies to implement profitable business practices that are good for pets, people and the planet. The organization has grown from eight original companies in 2013 to over 60 active member companies in 2018.

Below is an overview of three European companies that have worked with PSC and its partners to identify and implement profitable sustainability initiatives.


Josera, a German based company petfood producer recently announced its goal to be climate neutral in all scopes by 2020. They worked with the Pet Sustainability Coalition to calculate the carbon footprint of their pet food ingredients so that they can achieve their carbon goal. “At Josera we see it as our responsibility to protect the planet.  PSC has helped us navigate what can be a difficult pathway to address our carbon footprint” Klaus Wagner, CEO Josera.



Brit VAFO PRAHA, based in the Czech republic was eager to look at opportunities to improve the environmental impact of their company. The Pet Sustainability Coalition is focusing on two primary impact areas including energy efficiency and packaging. “By working with PSC we will have a clear idea of where to focus our initiatives so they make the most impact”. Karolina Capova, Brit. 


Protix, a pioneer in sustainable ingredients, is collaborating with PSC to share insights on insect protein and insect lipids as a way for pet food and treat companies to lower their impact. “We have the opportunity to address some of the world’s biggest challenges by shifting the pet industry toward high-quality, low-impact nutrition proteins.” Roel Boersma, Protix.

To learn more about how you can join the sustainable business movement, meet with PSC’s team at Interzoo by contacting, or get PSC’s monthly newsletter delivered right to your inbox.




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