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What a Peach!

It may come in a sweet color, but FUZZYARD designed its FY Active Go Harness to survive all outdoor adventures. The lightweight harness features comfort padding, with adjustable straps on the neck and chest allowing for a fully customizable fit. Two D-rings and secure lock buckles provide control. In small to extra-large, with reflective accents.,


From the Wild

While ADORED BEAST APOTHECARY’s ROOTS The Wolf may not be new, as it came out in late 2022, the tincture certainly qualifies as a notable product, and one you may not know about yet. It combines an ancestral species-appropriate probiotic with the company’s proprietary wild turkey tail mushroom prebiotic. The three probiotic strains come from wild wolf feces, isolated in a lab. Adored Beast explains that the strains are “friendly, educated bacteria from wolves who don’t have the issues our domestic dogs have, to support them and proactively prevent” those issues. The Wolf works to reduce inflammation, support intestinal microbiome health, balance the immune system, strengthen the intestinal barrier of the gut, increase the production of short-chain fatty acids and defend against pathogenic bacteria, among other benefits. 2 fluid ounces. The company provides retailers with sell sheets, a training platform with mini videos, and Zoom sessions for more in-depth training, plus social media support and in-store promotions.,


Crunchy Goodness+

Not only do NATURE’S LOGIC Biscuits with Benefits taste good, they provide a specific functional value. Calming Support with chamomile and lavender, Healthy Digestion with prebiotics, and Skin & Coat Care with salmon come packed with all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients, and can be fed whole or broken apart to use as training treats. 12 ounces. Company support includes in-store and online training, POP materials, info cards and product guides.,


All the Flavors

PLANT DOG puts all three of its gently baked biscuit recipes into one bag with Party Flavor. Every bag contains 1 ounce each of Purple Sweet Potato & Cashew Butter; Pumpkin, Carrot & Ginger; and Rosemary, Mint & Kelp. All are made with organic, human-grade, natural and preservative-free ingredients. It’s a great way to sample out all three to customers without opening three different bags.,


Super Tough

Made from corrosion and rust-resistant double-walled stainless steel, the Tuff Bowl from ZEE.DOG also stays put during mealtimes and water breaks thanks to a silicone base. It holds up to 5 cups of kibble or water and goes on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. In black, coral, lime and pink.,,(347) 477-0933


More Towel Than Wipe

At 11.75 by 15.75 inches, the new Wellness Pet Wipes XL from ZOOP can clean up even the biggest and messiest of pups. The hypoallergenic, nano silver-infused water-based grooming wipes also deodorize, sanitize, fight allergies and parasites, and strengthen the skin barrier. 100% biodegradable and do not contain parabens, alcohol, iodine, cortisone or artificial fragrance. They come individually packaged to prevent bacterial growth and loss of moisture, and remain effective for up to six days after first use. 10 or 15 towels per container.,


That Smokey Flavor

Because people don’t love the smell of natural chews as much as their dogs, TDBBS introduces Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Chews and Treats: Bully Sticks, Thick Bully Sticks, Trachea, Yak Cheese, Chicken Breast Fillet, Beefy Sticks, Rib Bones and Beef Burgers. Cold-smoking — done at the company’s new state-of-the-art smoking operation in Virginia — adds just the right amount of smokey barbecue aroma and flavor, while maintaining the integrity of the chew and keeping the product all natural; no smoke powder or liquid smoke used., (877) 993-4257


Quiet Time

For when your human customers need a little peace and quiet, ZIPPYPAWS introduces Snooziez with Shhhqueaker. The soft and cuddly corduroy collection features a silent-to-humans squeaker and includes adorable shapes such as this sweet sleeping elephant., (909) 606-6094


Also Without Stink

The Tripe Bone from BENEBONE gives dogs the flavor they love without the smell your customers don’t. Made with 100% real beef tripe, the curved shape also allows for a paw-friendly grip. Squeezable treats can even go inside the little pockets on the ends. In small, medium and large. Made in the U.S. Signage, training and support from local reps available.,


For In-Between Cleanings

PURAVET introduces Complete Dental Care, a daily powder formulated for use between veterinary dental cleanings to prevent plaque buildup on teeth, support gum health, and improve a dog or cat’s oral health. Regular use helps maintain clean teeth, freshens breath and prevent periodontal disease. 4.2 ounces., (802) 391-4461


Smooth as Butter!

Shea Butter Shampoo and Shea Butter Spray from EARTHBATH help hydrate even the most difficult coats. Formulated for pets with dry, sensitive and/or allergy-prone skin, the shampoo repairs moisture and provides dander care, while the spray also manages hot spots and seasonal itching and can be applied directly to minor wounds and abrasions. Made with Fair Trade Nilotica shea butter, avocado oil and super-premium conditioners, both are safe for daily use. 16-fluid-ounce shampoo and 8-fluid-ounce spray.,

$17.99 shampoo, $13.99 spray

Snuffle This

The new Pupper Snuffle Ball from PUPPINGTON offers a tranquil playtime experience for dogs, combining calming effects, mental stimulation and engaging scent work. Its unique design also allows for slow feeding. In multiple sizes and in blue, pink and purple. Puppington is a certified Minority-Owned Business and Women-Owned Business based in Chappaqua, NY.,, (646) 600-8319


Can of Roaches

Because not every reptile owner — or retailer, for that matter — wants to store live roaches, JUNGLE BOB offers Dubia Roaches in a can. High in protein, these roaches are the most well-rounded feeder insects on the market. Available in three sizes with a reusable plastic lid. The company offers 50% off retail for any quantity and allows for mixing and matching of sizes., (631) 737-6474


Low-Cal & Wheat-Free

Perfect for training and travel, NATURE’S ANIMALS Fit Bits for dogs contain just 5 calories and come in two wheat-free recipes: Peanut Butter & Blueberries and Pumpkin & Cranberries. 4 ounces. The family-owned company dates back to 1992, and all products are baked on premises in Mamaroneck, NY., (914) 777-3570, ext.3;


Holiday Fun

From CAT IN THE BOX comes this adorable Gingerloaf House. The cardboard playhouse kit includes candy cane, starlight mint and gumdrop stickers to apply during the easy assembly. Scratcher included! Made in the U.S. using cat-safe inks and toners, and eco-friendly recycled cardboard.,, (508) 881-1111


For Your Human Customers

GREEN ELEMENT put its CBD Chocolate for people in a recent PETS+ Sample Box, and it was a hit! Hand-crafted using only the finest organic and sustainably produced ingredients, the 3-ounce bars contain 200mg of CBD as well as a full spectrum of other cannabinoids. Available in Dark Chocolate (72% cacao, vegan), Milk Chocolate (58% cacao), Coffee (rich espresso, vegan), Latte (white chocolate with coffee) and Mocha (milk chocolate with coffee). The company offers an attractive wooden point-of-purchase display stand.,, (984) 284-9436


Happy Tummies

MADE BY NACHO Digestive Support Kibble helps keep cat digestion on track. Premium cage-free turkey, easily digestible and rich in amino acids for strong muscles combines with an advanced prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic blend that supports digestion and immune health. And a protein-rich dehydrated bone broth delivers flavor cats can’t resist. No fillers in the recipe.,


Glo Pro

Because proteins in cat waste glow with ultraviolet (UV) light and cats perceive that as an indicator of where to eliminate, Glo by BOXIECAT contains UV sparkles. The clumping clay litter also has a mild encouraging scent and Paw Feel Attractant, soft granules engineered to mimic the North African desert where house cats originated.,


Now in Cartons!

GREEN JUJU has made the move to recycled cardboard cartons for its Raw Goat’s Milk. Why? “Because it’s a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option, not to mention convenient and attractive packaging for our retailers and customers to enjoy,” company founder and owner Kelley Marian says. Still the same: It’s pure, simple and raw from grass-fed goats in Central Pennsylvania, where she says the nutrient-dense soil translates into a healthier milk for dogs and cats. The company inspects the farms and stands behind the pristine pastures, organic feed and spacious covered areas that the goats enjoy. In 16, 32 and 64 ounces.,


Stylish Fun

Cats will love the fun patterns of SMARTY PEAR’s Interactive Laser Toys: dot, mouse, butterfly, star and smiley face. And pet parents will appreciate the stylish and smart design: extra-soft, high-grade silicone covers in Smarty Pear, Kitty and Paw. The laser recharges with an equally stylish and included USB-C bracelet. It takes just an hour to charge for four hours of playtime.,


Keep Calm, ‘Brush’ On

NPIC adds Calming Health to its line of Get Naked Functional Dental Sticks. A soothing blend of natural herbs — chamomile, hops flower, lemon balm and passionflower — supports a dog’s positive emotional state and balanced behavior while addressing dental care. Grain-free with a high level of nutritional value from fruits and vegetables, plus added vitamins and minerals, and fortified with probiotics. Sizes for small and large dogs.,


Gimme an A!

All AUSTIN AND KAT CBD oils for dogs and cats now include the prized CBDA molecule. Found in the raw hemp plant, CBDA is traditionally heated to produce CBD, but the company points to recent studies that show CBDA offers its own benefits to pet endocannabinoid systems and activates different receptors in the body. By preserving CBDA, Austin and Kat oils are even more holistic and beneficial. NOTE: This update comes with no price increase. Made in small batches with U.S.-grown, minimally processed, whole-plant CBD-rich extract in the company’s custom-built Seattle facility. Training and materials, plus an in-house designer to support marketing efforts, are available, as are Astro programs. Direct and through major distributors, including Pet Food Experts and Southeast Pet.,, (206) 446-4819


Wipe It Off

SKOUT’S HONOR has a solution for pets in between baths and those who just don’t like to get wet — looking at you, cats. The company’s new Pet Grooming Wipes for Dogs & Cats clean and deodorize, removing dirt, dander and pet odor from faces, paws, skin folds and bums. The hypoallergenic, residue-free wipes do not contain colors or dyes, and they are cruelty free. Among the ingredients they do contain are chamomile flower extract, cucumber fruit extract and aloe leaf juice. 80 wipes per container. The company provides POP materials, in-store and online training, and a retail asset page with marketing, incentive and social media materials., (877) 805-0399,


Just One

MONTANA DOG FOOD CO.’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats contain just one ingredient: free-range beef heart, cage-free chicken breast or free-range bison liver, all sourced in Montana, of course. Freeze-drying preserves nutrition and retains taste and aroma. 3 ounces.,


Travel Essentials

For summer road trips, MySimplePetLab offers a collection of Pet Care Kits for dogs that will fit right into your summer displays. First Aid Care Kit includes more than a dozen products to help provide initial treatment for wounds, cuts or minor injuries, while Ear Care, Skin & Itch Care and Diarrhea Care provide more targeted treatments. Each comes self-contained in an easily packable case with more than $75 worth of vet-approved products., (833) 738-8378


Waiting on a Friend

SODAPUP adds the sweet Waiting Dogs design to its eTray line. The slow feeder, lickmat and enrichment tray all in one allows dogs to engage in longer, healthy mealtimes, improving digestion. And the different heights and depths imitate more natural eating conditions and put their foraging instincts to the test. Ideal for your flat-nosed pup customers who may struggle with deeper slow-feeder bowls., (720) 272-9664


Come On Down

The PerchPal from WYLD’S WINGDOM revolutionizes safe bird handling. The only portable perch that extends from 24 to 56 inches to retrieve birds from high places, it has a strong, ¾-inch diameter reinforced rope, forming a 6-inch diameter circular perch around a sturdy molded cup that can hold a bird’s favorite treats. Designed to help pet owners and avian professionals safely retrieve birds from high spots, PerchPal also can be used to foster interaction with and train pet birds, and carry them without the risk of being bitten — all of which can help make interactions less stressful for birds and humans.,,
(757) 858-8090


Three-In-One System

Cats as well as your customers will appreciate all that the Purrfectly Clean Paws three-in-one system has to offer. The ramp helps kittens, senior cats and those with mobility issues get in and out of the litter box, while also capturing tracked litter and dust to minimize mess. And the interior serves as a long-lasting scratcher! Made from premium corrugated cardboard sourced and manufactured in the U.S. from 100% recycled fiber, and using eco-friendly water-based inks and adhesives, the ramp is recyclable and biodegradable, too.,


Big in Europe

THE ROCKSTER Life-Enhancing Superfood for Dogs arrives from Europe. Gently poached raw in the can at low temperature to preserve nutrients and allow for shelf stability, the bio-organic food uses only ultra-premium ingredients, free from any exposure to antibiotics or chemicals. In six recipes: A Fisherman’s Dream, Boeuf du Cap, Chickenrella, Sound of Game, Duck a la Royale and Sunday Roast. Does not contain fillers, meat paste, mechanically reclaimed meats or waste material of any kind. For dogs prone to allergies, the foods are guaranteed as single-protein formulas without risk of contamination from other sources. In 12-ounce BPA-free cans.,,
(800) 451-2817


Stew’s On!

Caru Classics Wild Pollock & Turkey Stew for Cats joins the CARU PET FOOD COMPANY lineup. The high-meat, all-life stages diet contains 100% human-grade, non-GMO ingredients along with a close-to-perfect ratio of omega 6 to 3 fatty acids. Made in a U.S. human-food plant, the limited-ingredient meal proves perfect for cats with food allergies and those who are picky eaters. High moisture content helps support hydration. Available to retailers: ISO, gap ISO, Petz, Astro Loyalty, etailPet, OneBark, a sampling program, an online training module, and marketing assets such as shelf talkers and displayers.,,
(855) 330-2278


Safety First

BOW WOW LABS has improved its Bow Wow Buddy, modifying the inner hole and flattening the screw to hold more than just bully sticks. Now a variety of other chews fit inside, including collagen sticks, antlers, cheese chews, and the company’s new Epic Chew, a gluten-free, grain-free, limited-ingredient long-lasting chew for dogs coming in September. The Bow Wow Buddy also is now made in the U.S. and available in five sizes.,


For Your Eco-Conscious Customers

To help combat the overpopulation of Silver Copi in U.S. waterways, CHIPPIN turns the invaders into its Wild-Caught Fish Training Bites. Cranberry and sweet potato are also on the ingredient list for this 3-calorie, low-fat treat. 5 ounces. The woman-owned U.S. small business offers in-store sampling events, training materials and window decals.,, (570) 332-1088


Treats That Do Good

Not only do Wonderful Treats from SAVE.DOG deliver healthy kale, blueberry, apple, sweet potato, chickpea, pumpkin and spinach in a soft chew, 100% of profits from each sale go to the SAVEDOG Project. This non-profit organization transports homeless at-risk dogs from overcrowded shelters to rescue partners where they can be adopted into forever homes. Only 7 calories each. Carries the NASC Quality Seal., (800) 567-3438


33 New & Notable Products to Shop for at SuperZoo and Beyond

33 New & Notable Products to Shop for at SuperZoo and Beyond

What a Peach!

It may come in a sweet color, but FUZZYARD designed its FY Active Go Harness to survive all outdoor adventures. The lightweight harness features comfort padding, with adjustable straps on the neck and chest allowing for a fully customizable fit. Two D-rings and secure lock buckles provide control. In small to extra-large, with reflective accents.,