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NITE IZE created the NiteMeow Rechargeable LED Safety Necklace with Disc-O Select for pet parents who like to keep an eye on their cats in the dark, whether indoors or outside. The rechargeable LED necklace provides 360 degrees of red, green or blue light, but also comes with Disc-O Select Technology, a color-changing mode for a unique color blend. Flexible and weather-resistant, the necklace can be trimmed to size, from 9.5 to 14.8 inches. NiteMeow runs up to four hours and recharges in just one hour using a micro USB cable (not included).,


What doesn’t RAWZ Limited Rabbit Recipe for Cats contain? Grain, egg, potato, corn, rendered fat, dairy, wheat, soy or canola oil. Leaving plenty of room for the goodness of real rabbit, algal oil and other easily digestible ingredients. The kibble features a freeze-dried raw rabbit coating on every bite. 1.75, 3.5 and 7.8 pounds. Like all RAWZ products, 100% of the profits will be donated to help those living with brain or spinal cord injuries get the services (and service dogs) they need., (844) 480-8672
$17.99/ $66.99


With the new Feast Mat, WEST PAW brings its love of innovation to the slow feeder and lick mat categories. One side features deep grooves that entice dogs to forage and explore for food, while the other side encourages soothing licking. Made with Sea Flex, the company’s blend of recycled ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex, it does not contain BPA, phthalate or latex, and is FDA compliant. Available in two designs and in Kelp, Marine and Tropic Red. Alongside the Feast Mat, West Paw introduces a new Creamy Treat flavor: Peanut Butter, Kelp & Spirulina. The plant-based spreadable comes in a mess-free pouch, and packed with antioxidants and nutritious vitamins and minerals, but no sugar, xylitol or preservatives. 6.2 ounces., (800) 443-5567


How cute is Freya the Flamingo from ZippyPaws?! That hat! Made of soft plush and featuring cotton rope legs, embroidered face details, a blaster squeaker and crinkle wings, she will keep pups engaged for hours.,, (909) 606-6094


FROMM FAMILY FOODS looked to the company’s heritage when creating Bonnihill Farms, its new collection of gently cooked, fresh-frozen dog food. Made in small batches with locally sourced ingredients from the Midwest, the CHICKiBOWLS, BEEFiBOWLS and TURKiBOWLS recipes use a simple, sous-vide cooking method to maximize nutrient retention and enhance flavor. And they get packaged in a purpose-built new addition to the family-owned Columbus, WI, manufacturing facility. To support new product introductions, Fromm frequently sends out informational materials, develops POP materials, engages in creative digital and social media campaigns, and periodically provides coupon offers. Sales, customer service and nutritionist staff provide additional training to retailers. 16-ounce chub, 48-ounce bag and 192-ounce case., (800) 365-6331


To help control inflammation, infection and debris around the eyes and ears, PETEYEZ HypoChlor + Wipes use hypochlorous acid, which proves 120 times more potent than bleach and without the harmful effects. The all-natural antimicrobial agent also helps to clean and disinfect the areas. Safe for dogs and cats. 60 wipes. Astro Loyalty specials and incentives available, as well as printed marketing materials and shelf-talkers., (888) 234-8393


ANTELOPE offers three treats — two crunchy and one lickable — in its new ARK NATURALS dental care line for cats. Kiss Me-Ow Dental Chews have a tasty toothpaste center and come in Cleaning Chews, perfect for polishing teeth and freshening breath, and Strengthening Chews, fortified with calcium. Available in Tuna and Chicken. 3 and 6 ounces. Kiss Me-Ow Lickable Dental Treats freshen up snacktime or meals with taurine and omegas. Available in Salmon, Chicken and Tuna flavors. 4 or 21 0.5-ounce pouches.,


STELLA & CHEWY’S puts its spin on dental chews for dogs with its new Dental Delights. Each treat features ridges and nubs for flossing and scrapping, peppermint and parsley flakes for fresh breath, and cage-free freeze-dried chicken for flavor. The fun, engaging treat has been clinically proven to help control plaque and tartar. In extra-small, small, medium and large. 5.5 to 23.2 ounces.,


Patent-pending Soft Scents by GURU PET COMPANY include an infused scented squeaker made with Chew Pro, an ultra-durable, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber formulated specifically for tough chew sessions. Plus, two fabric layers add durability for longer play. This innovative plush toy squeaks and crinkles, with each of the six characters having a different scent: bacon, peanut butter, strawberry, vanilla, banana and honey.,


With its PawBiome Pet Balm for Dogs & Cats, FERA PETS combines Floradapt proBio-65 Lactobacillus sakei with organic seabuckthorn, organic neem oil and organic calendula to support a pet’s skin microbiome and barrier function, providing gentle relief and nourishment for the skin, nose, paws and elbows. 2 ounces.,


METRO PAWS presents this perfect addition to your giftware offerings: the Metro Paws Adventure Water Bottle. It features a fun and colorful design, holds 33.8 ounces, and the insulated metal keeps drinks cool on warm days. Plus, it has a spout for easy drinking. Your environmentally minded customers will love it., (347) 948-7297


ULTIMATE PET NUTRITION’s Nutra Complete Infusions adds the health-boosting benefits of bone broth to freeze-dried raw dog food. Developed by veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter, the Duck With Organic Chicken Bone Broth Recipe contains 95% animal-sourced ingredients, such as duck, duck heart and duck liver. Fiber-rich blueberries and spinach help support smooth, healthy digestion. And prebiotics and amino acids, combined with flaxseed, blueberry, carrot, sweet potato and spinach, help support healthy skin and a soft coat. The food contains no fillers, artificial ingredients, preservatives or added grains. 16 ounces.,


Perfect for your spring displays, YEOWWW! Daisy’s Flower Tops combine a cat’s favorite textures and sensations. The double-sided center uses sturdy twill fabric on the front and soft faux fur on the back. Petals are silky yet crinkly. And it’s filled to bursting with the company’s own premium, organic leaf-and-flower-top catnip blend — no fillers to interfere with its potency. Sold as single toys in Blue, White and Pink.,, (612) 623-3825


Ostrich has so much to recommend it as a treat for pups. Pound for pound, it’s lower in fat and higher in protein and minerals when compared to beef or chicken. The novel protein also proves suitable for dogs with food allergies or finicky tastes. TUESDAY’S NATURAL DOG COMPANY harnesses its power with single-ingredient, sustainably sourced wood-smoked Ostrich Jerky. 4 ounces. Packaging made from recyclable materials contributes to cleaner oceans by being certified Plastic Neutral. Marketing materials and POP displays available., (888) 424-4602


With its new Vesper Treehouse, CATIT looked to nature for inspiration. Adventurous cats and kittens will love the extra-thick sisal scratching post, wooden “branches” perfect for attaching toys, the stylish fabric hideaway, relaxing hammock perch and soft memory foam cushions. Easy to clean, the treehouse can be renewed with available replacement parts., (888) 412-2848


Scout, the bright and colorful new print of DOOG‘s best-selling dog collar, leash and harness range, draws inspiration from the beaches of California. Available in neoprene collars, leashes and soft harnesses in extra-small through large, plus a matching pouch for poop bags. Retailers can get a free in-store branded racking with orders over $250.,


From CHRONICLE BOOKS comes another fun product for your pet parent customers: Dog Tarot. The entertaining, modern twist on classic tarot cards combines authenticity with canine sensibility in a complete deck for experienced readers and beginners alike. The 78 different pups, including mixed breeds, make the perfect guides on a journey of self-discovery. A 128-page companion booklet features explanations of each card as well as seven layout patterns. Introduce this product with a Dog Tarot Card reading at your store!, (800) 759-0190


The new NitLeash from ZEE.DOG suits pets and people who prefer a lighter leash — weighing just 3.8 ounces, that’s less than a deck of cards! The 3D-knitted leash uses the same technology that makes sneakers so comfortable and light, and creates a single-body leash that blends colors and allows for strategically located laser cutouts. The built-in handle is soft and comfortable to grip. In vibrant Candy, Chron and Gluten colors in a single size: 3.3 feet.,, (347) 477-0933


The Mini Jolly Soccer Ball from JOLLY PETS stands up to bitey dogs — made of JollyFlex material, it can be punctured and will not deflate. Made in the U.S. and available in 3 inches and 4 inches that prove perfect for fun on land and in the water, the latter as they float. It comes in two scented options — Green that smells like green apples and Orange that smells like vanilla — and unscented Blue.,, (800) 232-7950


Bum scooters will appreciate the benefits of HICC PET’s Antimicrobial Anal Gland Spray. Formulated with the power of hypochlorous acid, the spray gently cleans the anal gland area, and provides immediate relief of itching and pain. It also eliminates odor, helping to keep dogs and cats fresh and comfortable. 4 ounces. Sell sheets, product information and training available, plus comprehensive support from a dedicated sales team, coupled with active engagement from in-house marketing professionals across social media and website.,


NUG GET ’S HEALTHY EATS introduces its newest Smart Snacks Artisan Yogurt flavor: Organic Strawberry & Butternut. The lowfat yogurt with probiotics contains organic ingredients but no gums or artificial sweeteners. New lickable cups are wide enough for all snouts, including the smooshiest! 4 cups per box.,


To celebrate 20 years of COASTAL PET PRODUCTS’ Li’l Pals products for small pups, the company launches new additions to the line. Among the accessories and toys is the Li’l Pals Birthday Combo. It comes with a perfectly sized bandana, bow tie and plush cake toy., (330) 821- 7363


WELLNESS Whimzees Natural Dental Treats for cats target the oral areas vets check most: breath, plaque, tartar and gums. The crunchy porous texture supports mechanical abrasion while a cat chews, allowing teeth to sink into each treat for optimal cleaning. Fresh chicken as the primary ingredient offers cats a taste they love. In Chicken, Chicken & Salmon and Chicken & Tuna. 2 ounces and 4.5 ounces.,, (800) 225-0904


THE BEAR & THE RAT gives its retail partners what they need. By request, the company has made its Barley’s Bakes Cupcake Mixes for dogs available in a pouch with hang tag for merchandising on the wall or on the shelf, removed the frosting and lowered the cost. In Peanut Butter and Bone Broth, these cupcake mixes fit right into your celebration stations. 7.5 ounces. Regular Astro Loyalty deals and shelf-talkers available.,, (888) 528-0094


With RawMix50, ANIMALS US aims to bridge the gaps between premium kibble and ultra-premium freeze-dried and direct-to-consumer fresh dog foods. Made using a world-first technique that freeze-dries whole chunks of raw, fresh meat and organs to lock in nutrition, this food offers 50% whole-prey mix of New Zealand meats and organs, blended with 50% high protein bites. The result is colorful, chunky and delicious. In Grass-Fed Beef, Free-Range Chicken and Grass-Fed Lamb recipes. 12 ounces and 4 pounds. Supported by 100% freeze-dried meal/mixers and dog treats to ensure retailers have a full brand block on shelf. Comprehensive consumer launch, retailer training and nationwide distribution.,


Just like humans, sometimes dogs need pre-portioned treats to stay on the dietary track. INABA introduces Churu Fun Bites for Dogs for exactly that. Made with only high-quality ingredients, including natural wild tuna and farm-raised chicken, they come in perfectly portioned with only 18 kcals per pack, with 96 bites in eight individual packs. The 69% moisture helps with hydration, added Vitamin E supports immunity and Green Tea Extract has natural antioxidant properties. No grains, preservatives or artificial colors. In Chicken with Pumpkin, Chicken with Cheese and Chicken with Sweet Potato.,


CRUDE CARNIVORE adds Rabbit Bone Broth, the first of its kind for pets, to its lineup. Made from pasture-raised, humanely treated rabbit and solely herb-infused with parsley, dandelion and thyme, the herbs are pesticide and herbicide free. Also on the ingredient list: organic apple cider vinegar. With the amazing cooling protein for sensitive dogs and cats or other pets with inflammation, the broth gets made in micro-batches of 72 bottles at a time. 16 ounces.,


BOW WOW LABS launches its Epic Chew line with Superblend. Combining the support of an immunity supplement with the benefits of a longer-lasting chew, this first product comes loaded with high-quality functional ingredients. Among them are arrowroot, a prebiotic to support digestive health; spirulina, a natural algae high in vitamins A, B, E, trace minerals and amino acids, for immune and digestive system support; organic kelp, packed with trace minerals to boost glutathione levels and break down plaque while reducing bacteria growth in the mouth; and decaffeinated green tea, high in antioxidants to promote oxidative balance and provide immune health support. Superblend Epic Chew proves gentle on the stomach and highly palatable to ensure dogs eagerly consume the many beneficial nutrients. No grain or gluten. When used with the Bow Wow Buddy safety device, the chew’s four-headed design also promotes dental health and gently massages gums while eliminating the risk of choking. Four sizes.,


Advanced Pet Stain Remover & Urine Odor Eliminator by OXYFRESH uses Oxygene + FreshAir technology to oxidize offending odors and quickly remove stains — from cat urine to dog vomit to everything in between. The environmentally friendly formula does not contain bleach, parabens, fragrances or harsh chemicals, and proves safe for humans and pets alike, plus carpets, floors, furniture, bedding, clothing and more. 16 ounces., (800) 333-7374


PET HONESTY announces its new Restore + Soothe Line, a sophisticated range of canine skincare products featuring the powerful, all-natural MicroSilver BG. This clinically studied ingredient crafted from pure elemental silver promptly halts itching and naturally supports and restores the skin barrier, offering enduring skin health support well beyond bath time. Gentle enough for daily use, even on sensitive skin, the line launches with Restore + Soothe Shampoo, Restore + Soothe 2 in 1, Restore + Soothe Spray and Restore + Soothe Ear Cleaner.,


After a successful launch in larger stores, BADLANDS RANCH has made its slow-cooked, air-dried food available wholesale to independent pet retailers. Superfood Complete Beef, a superfood/adaptogen blend, contains a variety of healthy ingredients, including premium, hearty beef from suppliers who prioritize humane treatment of animals, plus omega-packed salmon and gut-healthy vegetables. Turmeric, lion’s mane mushroom, flaxseed and more ensure that each tasty bite results in a well-balanced diet that supports a dog’s skin and coat, digestion, immune function and energy. 24 ounces. Also available in Chicken. Founded by actress and animal activist Katherine Heigl, Badlands Ranch also offers treats and supplements for canine health. The company gets its name from the family ranch in Utah where the Heigls rescue animals, and it works with the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation to provide monthly donations of food to dogs in need, in addition to donating $100,000 a year., (818) 536-3100


PET HOUSE BY ONE FUR ALL has a spring scent to suit each of your customers. Those who prefer earthy can pick up the 4-ounce Vanilla Sandalwood Room Spray, which combines sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk with a touch of vanilla and tonka beans. Made in the U.S., it neutralizes pet odors and comes in the company’s Top Seller Room Spray Display. For customers who like sweet, Lemon Cupcake blends lemon zest, creamy butter and mouthwatering vanilla frosting in a 9-ounce candle. POP materials and training available.,, (786) 325-5410


W.F. YOUNG introduces Honest to Goodness Plant Snacks, a new line of treats that harness the natural power of wholesome fruits and vegetables, plus advanced nutrients, to deliver the healthy support pets need to thrive. Each variety — Happy Feet, Mellow Belly, Way to Glow, Golden Years, Good Vibes and Buddy Boost — contains one to three ingredients at functional levels, plus a science-based postbiotic and marine microalgae oil for overall health support. Made with sustainable, responsibly sourced ingredients in the U.S. 8 ounces.,, (800) 628-9653


SKOUT’S HONOR enters the pet oral care category with a line of brushless products to help reduce plaque and tartar and freshen breath. Water Additive comes in Peanut Butter & Bacon Flavor and Fresh & Flavorless. 32 ounces. Advanced Formula Dental Drops target specific problem areas and come in a sprayfree pump that won’t startle sensitive pets. Oral Gel Peanut Butter & Bacon Flavor helps pets who don’t drink a lot of water and has an easy-to-apply tip for quickly coating teeth and gums. 4 ounces. And Dental Wipes provide the mechanical action to clean teeth, without brushing, and are designed for dogs and cats. 50 sheets., (877) 805-0399


BAYDOG introduces the Arctic Bay Cooling Collar. Providing one to two hours of cooling with removable and replaceable custom non-toxic cooling packs, the collar’s mesh layers also allow for just the right amount of cooling during the hot summer months. In Clifford Red, BAYDOG Blue, Sunset Pink, Blaze Orange and Seafoam in five sizes, adjustable to provide the perfect fit., (443) 808-8664

35 New and Notable Products to Check Out at Global Pet Expo and Beyond

35 New and Notable Products to Check Out at Global Pet Expo and Beyond


NITE IZE created the NiteMeow Rechargeable LED Safety Necklace with Disc-O Select for pet parents who like to keep an eye on their cats in the dark, whether indoors or outside. The rechargeable LED necklace provides 360 degrees of red, green or blue light, but also comes with Disc-O Select Technology, a color-changing mode for a unique color blend. Flexible and weather-resistant, the necklace can be trimmed to size, from 9.5 to 14.8 inches. NiteMeow runs up to four hours and recharges in just one hour using a micro USB cable (not included).,