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Corbion’s new AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 is the leading source of omega-3 sustainably made from algae fermentation.

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are vital to human and animal health. From birth to old age, these polyunsaturated fats help every part of the body, from eyes to skin to internal organs. Because they’re synthesized in humans and animals at low levels, omega-3 from fish oil is a common supplement and, where our four-legged friends are concerned, a frequent additive to pet food and treats.

AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 proprietary cultivation technique makes a better quality, sustainable omega-3.

The use of fish oil, however, can put pressure on the planet’s already overburdened marine resources. Creating a new source of natural omega-3 fatty acids that is consistent, reliable and traceable is critical to the needs of the pet food industry.

Corbion, a company based in The Netherlands, introduced the first omega-3 created from algae fermentation. The new AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 is a high quality vegan source of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The fermentation process takes only days to complete, and the result is sustainable, high-quality DHA that not only improves pet food products — it reduces pressure on precious marine resources and is manufactured with lower carbon, water and land-use impacts.

Produced by algae fermentation, AlgaPrime reduces pressure on our precious marine resources since it is not dependent on fish oil.

Here are some of the ways AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 by Corbion can sustainably enhance the way omega 3-rich pet food and treats are made.


AlgaPrime offers the highest DHA levels (min. 35%) in both powder and liquid form. Both are made from a single-cell algae strain grown at a large scale using proprietary cultivation techniques to produce the highest levels of DHA possible.


With a product format suitable for a variety of applications (dry, wet and injection molding),
AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 enables higher DHA inclusion without impacting kibble expansion.


AlgaPrime™ DHA reduces pressure on marine resources without impacting the carbon footprint. Its production uses renewable energy and sugar cane as a feedstock, resulting in lower carbon, water and land use.


Because AlgaPrime DHA is grown in closed fermentation tanks, it does not contain the persistent organic pollutants that can naturally accumulate in fish oil. A full ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been completed for the AlgaPrime DHA portfolio, demonstrating that omega-3s from AlgaPrime DHA have a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional fish oil.

AlgaPrime can be used in dry, wet and injection molded pet food and treat applications.


Corbion can reliably deliver AlgaPrime DHA to large-scale businesses and leading brands.
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