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Advance Pet Product Updates K9 Herbal Packaging and Name




(PRESS RELEASE) WATERFORD, MI – Advance Pet Product has recently updated the packaging and changed the name of the K9 Herbal CBD treat to the Every Day Pumpkin Snack. This is the newest change to come out of their Health and Wellness Line featuring USA-made, all-natural, hemp products.

“We changed the name so that consumers would associate these treats with wellness support and maintenance doses to be taken every day for maximum benefits,” said Ravi Singh, CEO of Advance Pet Product.

The updated packaging features a product window so that consumers can see the size and shape of the treats. The copy on the packaging educates consumers as to what active ingredients make this wellness treat. Pumpkin, Turmeric, and CBD are listed on the front. The purpose of the treat, “For Daily Wellness Support”, is also stated so that consumers recognize the product as something they should give their dogs every day.

K9 Herbal Every Day Pumpkin Snacks are part of Advance Pet Product’s efforts to provide more natural and healthy treats to consumers.

“We’ve been seeing a trend in natural supplements and hemp products, so we wanted to combine these and create a treat that dogs would love, but also provides wellness support,” said Singh.

Other products included in The Health and Wellness Line are K9 Herbal’s Hemp Oil and Cheese Biscuit and SuperFills, hemp and cheese filled water buffalo hooves, horns and tracheas.  For more information, visit Advance Pet Product at Global Pet Expo 2018 booth #820.




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