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American Pet Works Media Spotlight




American Pet Works

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In this Media Spotlight interview, Trevor Crotts, president of American Pet Works, talks with Chloe DiVita about the many ways his company is leading the pet industry into the future — all with the benefits of products that are “made in America.”

Crotts says there’s a need in the market for U.S. pet product manufacturing and finishing. “We have created a diversified solution for pet products that are made and finished in the United States,” says Crotts, American Pet Works president. “We can produce and finish premium quality products right here in America.”

The first company to offer 3D asset creation at scale, American Pet Works has invested in a leading-edge advanced scanning system that is the only one of its kind in North America. “We can scan products and create high-fidelity 3D models for brands,” says Crotts. Having a digital version of a product offers numerous advantages, enabling companies to deploy their products online and instantly see sales increase. “These 3D brand assets offer quality online content at a reasonable price point,” says Crotts. “Then you can take your brand into the metaverse.”

American Pet Works also offers several versatile solutions that aren’t based online including design and manufacturing. The company can also help solve supply chain issues with fulfilment and drop shipments. “Many of our processes are still done by hand,” says Crotts. “Our quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail is a tribute to an era when American craftsmanship set the standard for the world.”

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