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Best Bully Sticks’ Sampler Box Offers A Variety of Chews

Each box includes a guide clearly labeling what’s in each bag.




(PRESS RELEASE) RICHMOND, VA – Best Bully Sticks Sampler Boxes are back in stock. These crowd favorites contain a variety of dog chews making it easy to find out which one is best for those choosey chewers. Each box includes a guide clearly labeling what’s in each bag making it easy to reorder after Fido picks his absolute favorite.

“These boxes are a great way to determine which chew your dog loves most,” said Andrea Blades, chief digital officer for Best Bully Sticks. “Once the favorite chew has emerged, pet parents can immediately order more making their dog very happy plus allow them to get the added benefits of removing tartar and plaque from their teeth.”

There are two different sampler boxes available based on the dog size. The Small Dog Sampler Box contains:

  • Three 4-inch bully sticks. These chews are all-time favorites and they provide a protein packed snack for light to medium chewers.
  • Three 6-inch gullet sticks. Another favorite chew that is loaded with protein.
  • Two 6-inch beef wrapped collagen sticks. These chews help joints, teeth. digestion and skin health.
  • Two 6-inch chicken wrapped collagen sticks for those dogs that might prefer the chicken flavor.
  • One pig ear. An all-time crunchy favorite that will take smaller dogs longer to chew through.

The Medium to Large Dog Sampler Box contains:

  • Three 4-8 inch odor-free bully sticks. A protein packed snack that will keep light to medium chewers happy.
  • Three 6-inch gullet sticks. Another favorite, protein loaded chew.
  • Two 12-inch beef wrapped collagen sticks. All the benefits of collagen sticks for those voracious chewers.
  • Two 12-inch chicken wrapped collagen sticks. The same collagen benefits wrapped in chicken.
  • One pig ear. The crunchy treat that will make a dogs day.

“Choosing your dog’s favorite chew couldn’t be easier,” added Blades. “Whether it’s a small dog or a big dog, a light chewer or a power chewer, we have the perfect chew to make their day.” The sampler box also makes an excellent gift for new pet parents to start their pooches with good chewing habits and dental care.”

If you would like a sampler box please contact [email protected].


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