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Blackwood Pet Food Brings New Treats to SuperZoo




(Press Release) LISBON, OHIO – Blackwood Pet Food, a leader in the premium and super premium pet food categories, expands its offering with all new, all-natural, nutrition-packed treats for dogs at SuperZoo Booth No. 439, July 25-27, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Made with ingredients like salmon, pumpkin and mixed berries, new treats build on the company’s offering of small-batch, slow cooked goodness.

“We’re continuing to offer customers and pet owners high-quality, handcrafted foods made with a perfect blend of meat protein and superfoods,” says President Matt Golladay, BrightPet Nutrition Group, Blackwood’s parent company.

Blackwood Pet Food introduces three new treats with recipes ranging from duck, chickpea and sweet potato, to chicken breast, blueberry and pumpkin, and lastly, catfish, chickpea and kale.

Adirondack Pet Food, another premium category brand under the BrightPet Nutrition Group umbrella, is also debuting new treats at SuperZoo [BrightPet Nutrition Group Booth No. 307]; recipes include salmon, chicken and mixed berries and chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin.

Additional ingredients in both brand’s new treats include coconut glycerin, coconut oil, citric acid, vinegar, mixed tocopherols and cranberry extract. “Coconut oil is beneficial for so many reasons,” says Golladay. “It aids in digestion and also improves the appearance of both skin and coat.”


All Blackwood and Adirondack treats are made minus any artificial flavors or colors “doing so would go against everything we believe and stand for in the industry,” adds Golladay.

Made in small batches like Blackwood and Adirondack pet foods, these new treats are created using ingredients sourced from trusted sustainable vendors, some working with BrightPet Nutrition Group for more than 30 years, and slow cooked keeping much needed nutrients in the food to sustain energy and provide the pet’s digestive system with an easy-to-digest food.

“We slow cook because we use all-natural ingredients in our pet foods,” says Golladay, “and because we can also test throughout the production process and really control the end-result, which is a truly nutritional meal or treat.”

New Blackwood and Adirondack pet food treats are available in 4 oz. re-sealable bags.

Pick up a free sample at SuperZoo: Blackwood Pet Food Booth No. 439 or BrightPet Nutrition Group Booth No. 307.


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