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Boss Dog Brand Unveils ‘Ultra-Premium’ Collars and Leashes

They are available now and can be found at independent pet stores and online across the United States and Canada.




Boss Dog Brand dog leash

(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE — Boss Dog Brand has a new line of Boss Tactical collars and leashes designed to help you get active with your dog. The new pet accessories will take the industry by storm and pave a new path in the chapter of Boss Dog Brand, with this innovative high quality hard goods entry.

Boss Dog believes any pet can be a boss not only by what they fuel their body with, but also with how they fuel their style. Boss Tactical™ collars and leashes have premium quality materials constructed to last with a stylish tactical look.

Boss Tactical™ collars are made from heavy duty materials. With a zinc alloy clip and stainless-steel D-ring, pets remain secure. Having a two trigger anti-rust safety clip provides additional support while the fitted comfort makes Boss Tactical™ collars the perfect choice for your dog.

Boss Tactical leashes are made with durable light weight materials, featuring a two-trigger anti rust safety clips made with aviation aluminum. It will keep even the strongest of dogs secure. The convenient traffic handle and the military nylon webbing and neoprene lining, add to its quality.

The accessories are available now and can be found at independent pet stores and online across the United States and Canada. They come in tactical inspired camouflage patterns as well as solid color options.

Vasili Nassar, founder and brainchild of Boss Dog Brand, takes his three dogs on a daily walk, and always wanted to branch out into quality pet accessories. “I designed these products based on my own experiences. Having always had medium to large size dogs, I wanted a durable and functional collar and leash system for my pets. Adding traffic handles, and nylon for comfort, gave me the look and feel that I wanted for myself and my dogs.”


Boss Tactical is the seventh product the company has launched since its inception in the fall of 2018. The Seattle based company is growing and adding more and more independent retailers every month despite the challenges of the pandemic.

The company wants to help consumers raise a healthy and happy pet, whether that’s through diet and/or exercise. Nassar hopes the leashes and collars will be particularly beneficial to dog owners, as they have more time to spend outdoors with their furry family members due to everyone’s new “stay-at-home” lifestyle.

Nassar started the line of pet products with Raw Goat Milk and Greek Frozen Yogurt for his dog Kelby, who refused to eat most pet food products on the market, thanks to gut issues. Frustrated, the Seattle entrepreneur created his own products with the help of his background in manufacturing people yogurt. His innovations solved Kelby’s nutritional issues and taught the entrepreneur to “treat your pet like a boss.” Learn more at



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