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Bow Wow Labs Independent Pet Retailer Program Launches Intranet for Sales Reps

It’s an informative network called The Dog Park.




(PRESS RELEASE) NOVATO, CA – Bow Wow Labs Inc.(BWL), the makers of innovative products to help keep dogs healthy, happy and safe, announces that its Independent Pet Retailer Program is launching an intranet for sales representatives. This innovative and beneficial intranet site, called The Dog Park, will be an informative network that will help their sales reps stay informed, organized and motivated.

“I am very excited about this. I think it’s very helpful since our sales reps will have a central source to refer to,” expresses VP of retail sales for Bow Wow Labs, Charlie Ward.

The Dog Park network will allow sales reps to check their account status at any time. Some of the most significant features include the ability to easily create accounts, conveniently check pricing sheets and skus, and simple to navigate work ticketing system for when issues arise(describe problem, resolve and close). In addition, a memos function allows the company to share and preserve important communications, such as announcements of monthly sales promotions.

“The ticketing system is next level for a startup. To have this now, is pretty amazing,” says Charlie Ward. “This is why Bow Wow Labs works so well. You don’t see startups with a team like this – it’s like the NY Yankees playing little league ball. We have genuine, seasoned experts, which is why we have been so successful. We have record growth, month over month.”

Since launching in late 2018, BWL has experienced explosive growth and tremendous success. Best known for The Bully Buddy, an innovative safety device to prevent dogs from choking on Bully Sticks; BWL offers a variety of products like Safe Fit Bully Sticks and the most recently launched healthy treat line, Waggy Wafers. With the creation of The Dog Park intranet, the BWL team will now have the opportunity to improve communication within the company and provide better knowledge management to sales reps across the country.




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