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Cardinal to Highlight Calming Products and First-Aid Remedies at InterZoo 2018




(PRESS RELEASE) NUREMBERG, GERMANY – Cardinal Pet Care will be unveiling two new canine calming products to the international pet industry at InterZoo 2018, held on May 8-11, 2018.  The Azusa, CA-based company is introducing Calming Lavender Mist and the Calming Lavender Mist E-Collar Kit, both sold under its Remedy+Recovery brand.

“Products that are safe and effective in keeping dogs calm are very much in demand today, especially as pets have become more a part of family life,” said Tom Wien, Director of Marketing for Cardinal Pet Care. “Our new Calming Lavender Mist and the Calming Lavender Mist E-Collar Kit are innovative products that fill a niche with today’s consumers.”

Remedy+Recovery Calming Lavender Mist is a gentle but effective calming spray that contains two botanical relaxing agents: Lavender and Valerian Oil.  Long valued for its calming properties, Lavender has recently been shown in studies to produce “significant antianxiety effects,” according to the National Institutes of Health. The easy-to-apply spray is available in 4-oz, bottles and features attractive blue and white packaging.

The Remedy+Recovery Calming Lavender Mist E-Collar Kit is a first-of-its-kind product that makes it easy to turn any E-collar into a calming collar. The kit consists of a 4-oz. bottle of Calming Lavender Mist and a set of four replaceable disks. Users simply spray two of the disks with Calming Lavender Mist and then attach them to the collar, where their vapors will have a relaxing effect on the dog.  Simple to use, the disks will work with any recovery or E-collar, and they last for the life of the collar. Replacement disks also are available from Cardinal. “For retailers, the E-Collar Kit should be an easy add-on sale to customers who buy recovery collars,” Wien pointed out.  

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In addition to the new calming products, Cardinal’s Remedy+Recovery brand includes a full line of first-aid remedies for pets, which will be on display at Cardinal’s InterZoo Booth # 5-131. One award-winning standout is the Remedy+Recovery E-Collar, which was recently judged “Best E-Collar” by The Wirecutter, a New York Times consumer review publication (see here).  Also included in the Remedy+Recovery line are: Styptic Powder, Medicated Hot Spot Spray, Hydrocortisone Lotion, Medicated Shampoo, Medicated Antiseptic Spray, Pet Wormer, Liquid Bandage, Diarrhea Control, Wound & Infection Medication and Ear Mite & Tick Control.


Cardinal will also be displaying its other internationally known pet product brands at InterZoo, including Crazy Dog, Full Life For Pets, Gold Medal Pets, Pet Botanicsand Viva La Dog Spa!  All liquid products are made at the company’s Azusa manufacturing facility, which has been 100% solar powered since 2009. A Founding Member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), Cardinal Pet Care has been an industry leader in adopting other green practices as well, such as recycling water, cardboard and plastic in its manufacturing processes; adding sensors to turn lights on and off automatically when rooms are occupied or vacated to conserve energy; and installing a charging station for hybrid and electric plug-in vehicles.  The company takes pride in living up to its slogan, “Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet.”

See Cardinal Pet Care’s products at the company’s InterZoo Booth # 5-131. 

To view Cardinal’s 2018 product catalog, visit




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