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Coastline Global Launches CheckUp Home Wellness Tests for Pets

CheckUp provides a quick, simple and reliable testing method.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Coastline Global continues with its mission to promote the highest standards of animal welfare with its premier of CheckUp Home Wellness Tests for cats and dogs. CheckUp provides a quick, simple and reliable testing method to observe the general wellness of cats and dogs through at-home urine testing. The CheckUp testing kits facilitate the non-invasive collection of urine samples from animals for urinalysis. They are pet-friendly, nontoxic, and user friendly.

Wellness exams are crucial in making sure your pet is healthy and stays in good health. CheckUp allows for this monitoring in between veterinarian appointments with natural and sanitary means to catch common health issues before it’s too late for treatment. Aging and overweight pets are especially susceptible to health issues and CheckUp allows for detection of a health condition in time to prevent further health deterioration and improve the lifespan of your pet.

CheckUp testing kits can detect common conditions among domestic cats and dogs such as diabetes, (high glucose levels), kidney conditions, (protein content in the urine), urinary tract infections (pH) and Blood in the urine. CheckUp is also an ideal method for urine sample collection to bring to a veterinarian for testing. The vial of collected urine may be submitted to your vet as soon as possible or refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

Included in the CheckUp kits for cats’ is Kit4Cat Litter, a patented hydrophobic litter made from natural sand that keeps cat urine on top, enabling stress-free urine sample collection from cats. The Kit4Cat litter smells and feels like regular sand with a natural non-toxic repellent coating. It allows veterinarians, technicians, and cat parents to easily passively collect a urine sample without resorting to painful invasive procedures like Cystocentesis.

CheckUp kits for dogs includes a “P Pole”, a telescopic pole that extends to two feet/60 cm, allowing dog owners to maintain a comfortable distance from the dog while it is urinating, avoiding any mess or contamination of the sample.

You can purchase CheckUp Home Wellness Tests at Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, and Jeffers.


Product brochures and testing kit instructions can be downloaded here.



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