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COLLAR Company Helps Lost Robot Dogs Find Its Way Home

The collaboration with IT Planet Group puts a smart pet tag featuring a QR passport on Unitree robot dogs.




(PRESS RELEASE) IT Planet Group, the official distributor of Unitree technology in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian innovative pet product manufacturer COLLAR Company have endowed the robot dog with traits of a real dog. Specifically, they equipped it with a smart pet tag featuring a QR passport to ensure the robot dog can be quickly returned home if it gets lost.

Starting June 2024, IT Planet Group began adding innovative WAUDOG Smart ID pet tags to Unitree robot dogs. In today’s world, where technology and artificial intelligence develop rapidly, and robots become increasingly prevalent in all areas of life, it is essential to be able to identify them. This is best facilitated by a tag with a specialized app that allows the pet parents to input all necessary information about their pets and themselves. This makes the colorful tags not only useful but also practical pet accessories.

The idea for this collaboration arose during a meeting of company representatives at the international Interzoo 2024 pet trade fair in Germany. Through this initiative, we aim to highlight the importance of responsible treatment of animals. All animals, whether pets or strays, whether they have families or live in shelters, and even robots, as they will soon become an integral part of our lives. Now, any Unitree Go robot can be registered in the WAUDOG Smart ID app like a real dog and taken for walks with a tag.

The technology allows to create pet profile in an international database. In the profile, you can add the pet parent’s contact information, photos, pedigree, and veterinary documents of the pet. In case of pet loss, the person who finds it can scan the QR code on the tag and obtain the pet parent’s contact details. Simultaneously, the pet parent receives a notification with the pet’s geolocation. This ensures that the wiggly tail, or in our case, the robot, can be returned home as quickly as possible. Thus, COLLAR Company takes care of the safety of all pets without exception.

By the way, the company recently updated its mobile app, and now all uploaded documents are stored on Amazon servers, which are the most secure in the world. Access is now provided through a user account, not a device. This means that even if the phone is lost, the pet parent will always have access to their documents.

IT Planet Group specializes in developing and implementing IT projects as a systems integrator. Founded in 2015, the company provides high-quality IT solutions for protecting and managing your business’s computers and is the official distributor of Unitree technology in Ukraine.


COLLAR Company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative pet products. The headquarters and production facilities are located in Chernihiv. Since 1995, COLLAR Company has grown into an international company with a team of over 500 employees and a presence in 78 countries worldwide. The company has developed 16 of its own brands and has international offices in Poland, the USA, and China.



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