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This Company Helps You ‘Park’ Your Dog Without Worry




PETS dogparkerThe firm makes a home away from home.

Taking your dog everywhere you go is great, but if you live in an urban area, it brings its own set of problems.

You’ll likely have to “park” your pet outside at times, since many businesses forbid animals, often because of local regulations. You probably worry about dangers such as your dog being stolen or injured, notes.

A company called Dog Parker is out to fix that problem. Its solution: “a climate-controlled dog house that you can easily rent while you’re away.”

It’s a secure setup because you need a keycard to get your dog out. And there’s an app that allows you to keep an eye on your pooch at all times.


The cost is 20 cents a minute or $12 for an hour. In addition, there’s a $25 annual fee for Dog Parker membership, according to the company’s website.

So far you can only find the rentable doghouses in the New York area.

But co-founder Chelsea Brownridge writes on the site: “My vision for the world is a place where every dog owner has an option to have their dog join them for a walk, anytime and anywhere. I’m committed to giving dogs a safe home away from home — one Dog Parker at a time.”





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