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Heavenly Hounds Introduces Calming Bites for Dogs

Heavenly Hounds offers solution to calm nervous and anxious dogs.




(PRESS RELEASE) Memphis, TN — From fear of fireworks, strangers, storms, routine vet check-ups and grooming visits to separation anxiety, travel and more- pet owners are increasingly looking for simple, yet effective solutions to help relieve and calm their beloved dogs. And unfortunately for some, it’s not always obvious to tell if a dog is suffering from stress or anxiety in the first place.

“Does your dog chew or claw? Bark uncontrollably at times? Excessively pant, dig or experience accidents in the house? These are just a few examples of the destructive, or undesirable behaviors that are rooted in stress and anxiety that we hear from customers all the time,” said Eric Clemmons, VP of Operations for Heavenly Hounds.

Heavenly Hounds offers a simple, highly effective solution to calm these nervous and anxious dogs. The company’s calming bites are made with real peanut butter, and completely clean ingredients without any added soy, corn, wheat or preservatives. Plus, dogs love the wholesome, tasty squares and they are incredibly easy for pet parents to portion and serve!

“Our calming bites provide the fast-acting relief for stressed dogs that so many pet parents need,” Clemmons added. “Plus, they couldn’t be easier to give your dog. Feed 1 square to any dog over 20 lbs., ½ a square to a dog weighing between 10-20 lbs., and ¼ square to any dog below 10 lbs. That’s it.”

Active ingredients in each Heavenly Hounds relaxation square include: Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Niacin and Thiamin. The products are proudly Made in the USA, do not contain any hemp derived ingredients, and have earned a quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council.

Heavenly Hounds typically sell for $3.99 each at pet specialty and independent retailers nationwide.




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