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Here Are the Most (and Least) Pet-Friendly States in America

Pet-friendly properties, anti-abuse laws and no-kill shelters are key factors in the ranking.




A new list from SafeWise identifies the “Most (and Least) Pet-Friendly States in America” for 2019.

The ranking provides “a bird’s eye view at the number of anti-abuse laws, veterinarians, and no-kill shelters in each state,” according to SafeWise, a review site for security systems. It also factors in pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and activities.

At the top of the list is Oregon, which has “thousands of pet-friendly properties to visit, strict anti-abuse laws, and lots of no-kill shelters where you can meet new friends.”

Maine, which claimed the top spot in 2018, slid to No. 3. Colorado is No. 2, and California and Washington round out the top five at No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.

The list of least pet-friendly states is based on factors such as lack of pet-friendly establishments and lax protection laws.

Iowa holds the No. 1 spot on that list, followed by Missouri, Wyoming, New York and Mississippi.


The lists rely on data from sources such as the Bureau of Labor, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the nOkill Network.

See the full ranking from SafeWise


James Ritchie is the online content editor for SmartWork Media.

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