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This uniquely textured, premium pet food is made from raw ethically sourced ingredients and features a lower, entry-level price point.

ZIWI Peak® Steam & Dried dog recipes are available in three recipes: Cage-free Chicken with Orchard Fruits; Grass-fed Lamb with Green Vegetables; and Grass-fed Beef with Pumpkin. MSRP: $32.98 (1.8lb.) $59.98 (3.3lb.) and $119.98 (7.1lb).

Whoever said there’s nothing new under the sun didn’t know the product development team at ZIWI. This New Zealand-based manufacturer, known for its incredibly delicious pet foods made from all natural, ethically sourced raw ingredients, has introduced ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried for dogs and cats. These high-meat recipes, made using a proprietary two-step process, have a unique texture that make them particularly attractive to our four-legged friends.

You already know ZIWI Peak Air Dried pet foods, made from ethically sourced New Zealand meat, wild-caught seafood and superfoods. ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried recipes include the same kinds of meat and fish (85% premium animal ingredients for dogs and 87%-90% for cats) along with functional ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and chicory root to support to support digestive health for canines and whole fish inclusions to support feline skin and coat health. The distinct texture of the product comes from the Z-MicroSteam™ process, where the blended raw ingredients are delicately micro-steamed before air-drying, resulting in a uniquely crisp texture while preserving essential nutrients.

In addition to their unique texture, ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is a great introductory product for pet parents who want to give their dogs and cats maximum nutrition. “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to make Peak nutrition more accessible to more pet parents,” says Karlyn Kubin, ZIWI brand manager. “We recognized a need for a product that could be an entry level into alternative-to-raw nutrition.”

ZIWI Peak® Steam & Dried cat recipes are available in Cage-Free Chicken with Whole Mackerel; Grass-fed Beef with Southern Blue Whiting; and Wild South Pacific Fish. MSRP: $34.98 (1.8lb.) and $89.98 (4.9lb).

ZIWI, a trailblazer in air-dried pet nutrition globally, creates pet foods meticulously crafted by a dedicated team of New Zealanders in their own kitchens. Inspired by the nutritional essence of raw diets, ZIWI Peak Air Dried and Steam & Dried foods provide the convenience and safety of dry foods while maintaining simplicity and naturalness. Completely devoid of artificial preservatives, additives, growth hormones or antibiotics, they can be used as treats, toppers or as complete balanced meals.


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