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Let’s Hear it for the Comfort Zone

With more pets home alone and cooler weather approaching, Tall Tails’ super cozy beds, blankets and plush toys offer “just-right comfort.”


ith an unprecedented number of Americans working remotely during the pandemic, pets enjoyed the security of having their humans home all day. Now, as more and more of the country opens back up for business, pets might be feeling a bit insecure as they’re home alone once again.

The Tall Tails donut bed is a comfortable and secure sleep spot for smaller dogs that like to curl (MSRP $34.99); Tall Tails canvas bear toy is a more durable plush squeaker toy option (MSRP $15.99); Tall Tails blue plaid blanket is from the Cabin Comforts PDQ Blanket Display (MSRP $24.99).

Sad though this may be, it’s the perfect time for independent pet stores to merchandise the soft blankets, comfy beds and plush toys that will help ease a pet’s transition back to solo days. With cooler weather approaching, consumers may also find that last year’s bedding needs some refreshing. Fall is the perfect time to make sure your store is filled with all the items a pet needs to nest, rest, play and feel secure.

Every Dog Needs A Soft, Cozy Environment

Since they sleep as much as 18 hours a day, dogs need a place to call their own. Humans can benefit, too. A 2015 Mayo Clinic study showed that a pet parent’s sleep efficiency was lower if their dog slept in their bed as opposed to having one of their own. A cozy den offers pups security and a place to retreat to when stressed. Soft blankets and throws provide added warmth and facilitate nesting behavior. And plush toys give dogs of all ages a low-impact way to play. It all adds up to security, softness and pampering — all available from one of the most experienced pet bedding companies in the industry.

Tall Tails started as a family-owned infant bedding and blanket company. Today, all Tall Tails pet bedding products are responsibly made with high quality, non-toxic materials. They’re easy to clean — they can be added to your normal wash / dry cycle — and designed to withstand heavy use, offering that perfect combination of durability and baby softness.

This October and November, Tall Tails will donate a blanket to a local shelter as part of their “Buy a Blanket and Give a Blanket” promotion. The program will run on the company’s website with key retailers.

Buy One, Donate One to a Shelter Pup

Tall Tails is offering a “Buy a Blanket and Give a Blanket” promotion on their website and with key retailer partners. For every blanket purchased, Tall Tails will donate a blanket to a local shelter, giving these deserving pups a bit of warmth and comfort this holiday season. The fall season is also the perfect time for independent pet stores to stock up on Tall Tails bedding and accessories, all available in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes. Choose from an extraordinary array of product: patterned dog blankets; soft sherpa throws; donut, bolster, burrow, and cushion beds; crate pads; and delightful blanket and plush toy bundles. Plan on merchandising these Tall Tails bedding and plush toy products together to entice consumers and remind them that their four-legged friends need a warm, cozy comfort zone right now!

Plush toys from Tall Tails offer a soft, cuddly way to play during the colder months of the year. MSRPs: $11.99 – $21.99

For more information about the Tall Tails family of bedding,
blankets and plush toys, contact the company directly.

P (937) 222-2132, Ext. 2