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Major Publicity is Just a Name-Change Away




Heard of “Cedric the Entertainer”? While Cedric certainly a funny guy, his name was a bold statement of intent that helped him stand out from other similarly funny guys. You could benefit from a similar approach.

How? (OK, deep breath.) 

Change your last name to the type of animal you specialize in. It could be “Dog” or “Bulldog” or “Cat” or “Bobtail” … or even “Boa” if you deal in exotic snakes.)

You’d definitely get tons of local news coverage.

Not ready for such a drastic and lasting change? Then do it informally: Print it on your business cards, use it to answer the phone (“Hi, this is Steve Boa.”), etc.


Oh, and if you choose to go the legal name-change route, tell us!

This article originally appeared in the March-April 2017 edition of PETS+.



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