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NASC Fact Sheet

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This Seal Stands For:

  • Stringent Labeling Compliance
  • Documented Quality Control & Production Procedures
  • Real-Time Product Monitoring And Mandatory Adverse Event Reporting
  • Random Product Testing
  • Ingredients Reviewed By NASC Scientific Advisory Committee

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: The National Animal Supplement Council has launched a free retailer membership level and is excited to invite retailers, distributors and buyers to take advantage of the valuable training and digital resources NASC membership has to offer. Our goal is to equip those in purchasing roles with a better understanding of animal supplement labeling requirements, claims boundaries and why the NASC Quality Program is the gold standard for the entire industry. Quality is a competitive advantage, and this new membership is designed to help retailers learn how to gain credibility and build a loyal customer base by prioritizing shelf space for products manufactured to the highest quality standards. To learn more about becoming an NASC Retailer Member — at no cost to you — visit

WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL? Now more than ever, retailers of all sizes require that the supplements they sell have earned the NASC Quality Seal. NASC’s resources tell the story of the impact NASC has made on the animal supplements industry over the past 20 years and are designed to help NASC retail partners understand the association’s ongoing efforts to improve and standardize the animal supplements industry so that pet owners can easily access the quality products they rely on to help support the health and wellbeing of their animal companions.

WHAT THEY’RE KNOWN FOR: The NASC is a nonprofit trade association whose members are responsible suppliers of animal health supplements and are committed to quality, transparency and continuous improvement for their companies and industry. NASC maintains post-market vigilance for products after they reach the marketplace to help ensure that unforeseen negative events do not occur. The NASC Adverse Event Reporting System (NAERS®) is the most advanced in the world, tracking over 6,000 products and 1,400 ingredients in real time. NASC conducts numerous training programs for pet products retailers to understand claims boundaries, the NASC Audit Program and the benefits of carrying products that have earned the NASC seal. NASC also provides informational materials to further educate both retailers and consumers about the use of supplements as an element of whole animal health.

RETAILER REVIEW: “We carry products with the NASC Quality Seal at Mac’s Pet Depot Barkery because we know those companies care about the pets that are being given their products so much that they go the extra distance to make sure their products are of high quality, contain what they say they contain, and are tested. I feel comfortable using products with the NASC Quality Seal for my own dog, so it makes them easy to recommend to customers.” — Keri Torgerson, Owner, Mac’s Pet Depot Bakery, Milwaukee, WI

The National Animal Supplement Council protects animals as well as the pet products industry at large.

Download the Fact Sheet here.


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