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Learn about ZIWI’s improved look and changes to air-dried recipes for cats and dogs!

ZIWI® Peak Original Air-Dried Chicken Recipe, the ready-to-serve raw alternative for cats.
MSRP: $29.58 (2.2lb).

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing cats and dogs with peak nutrition without compromise, we have been making some recipe improvements. Our ZIWI® Peak Original series continues to be pure, simple and delicious recipes made with ethically and sustainably sourced New Zealand ingredients and gently prepared to lock in goodness and taste. Our air-dried recipes have provided pets with ready-to-serve raw nutrition for dogs and cats, especially food sensitive or selective pets, and we are excited to have made these improvements to ensure we are constantly innovating to provide Peak Nutrition:

  • Increase in nutrient-rich organs with some recipes featuring meat and organs as the first 10 ingredients, with new inclusions like spleen, cartilage and neck in select recipes.
  • Up to 5% superfoods increase in select recipes for a more natural source of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Inclusion of apple pomace for improved appearance and less crumbing. Apple pomace is also a good source of fiber to promote digestive health.
  • Addition of collagen supporting healthy skin, bone development, and healthy joints for mobility.
  • Ingredient name change: Dried Kelp → Dried Organic Kelp.
  • Ingredient name change: Inulin from Chicory → Inulin from Chicory Root.
  • As a small step of kindness towards our planet, we are changing our feeding guidelines to align with standard U.S. household measurements, so there’s no more need to rely on our old plastic scoop which has been removed from the bag.

ZIWI® Peak Original Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb Recipe for Dogs is 96% tripe and meat from free-range lamb, organs,
New Zealand green mussels and bone.MSRP: $34.78 (1lb)

ZIWI® Peak Original Air-Dried Beef Recipe for Dogs can be fed as a delicious training treat, topper,
or complete & balanced meal. MSRP: $193.58 (8.8lb)

Our canned recipes remain unchanged – the only difference you’ll note is a new look with our packaging and labels, reflecting our pure origins of New Zealand, with landscape imagery that wraps around the pack, showcasing slices of our unique scenery.


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