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NutriSource Introduces Come-Pooch-A Food Topper for Dogs

Come-pooch-a provides delicious digestion support for gut health.




(PRESS RELEASE) PERHAM, MN — NutriSource, one of America’s most beloved and trusted pet brands, announced that it is bringing a delicious, healthy new product to market that aims to make meal time fun for dogs while continuing its mission to provide relief to millions of four-legged family members with digestive issues. Inspired by kombucha, Come-pooch-a is a savory meaty bone broth topper that’s packed with activated postbiotics from fermentation product, supporting hydration and digestion in dogs.

Come-pooch-a is the latest addition to NutriSource’s extensive line of high-quality products designed to provide healthy food and treats for pets.

“Sometimes, even a healthy dog goes through bouts of tummy upset,” said Adam Martodam, Marketing Director for NutriSource Pet Foods. “Moving day, a new family member or switching food can also cause digestive issues. Older dogs can be prone to bad bellies, too.  Come-pooch-a makes mealtime a little more exciting while providing dogs with important nutrients that support their overall wellness.”

Come-pooch-a can also soften kibble when it’s difficult to eat and offer additional hydration support when added to a water dish.

Unlike sauce-based dog food gravy toppers, Come-pooch-a offers natural postbiotics that thrive in the gut and promote a healthy gut ecosystem. Its aroma and flavor tempt picky and stressed dogs to eat their kibble.

Come-pooch-a is offered in three flavors: turkey, beef and chicken. Suggested retail price for a 12-ounce pouch is $6.99.  Come-pooch-a will be available at local independent pet supply stores beginning mid-January, 2022.


To learn more about Come-pooch-a, visit



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