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Pet King Brands Celebrates 20 Years

It began with only three products.




(PRESS RELEASE) Pet health products company Pet King Brands, the maker of ZYMOX Dermatology and Oratene Brushless Oral Care, celebrates 20 years of helping pets find relief from problematic ear, skin and mouth conditions. This is a major milestone in the history of the woman-founded and -owned company and signifies the importance of offering pet owners and pet healthcare professionals alternatives to antibiotics and harsh chemicals to aid in the management of some of the most common health issues affecting the majority of pets.

Founded in 1998 by Pamela K. Bosco, Pet King Brands utilizes its patented LP3 Enzyme System in all of its solutions from ear products to skin topicals to shampoo and conditioning rinse and brushless oral care products. All of Pet King Brands’ products are manufactured in the United States.

“Twenty years ago, the issues of drug-resistant health conditions in people and animals were just starting to be talked about,” said Bosco, president and founder of Pet King Brands. “As a result, people started to search for a healthier, more effective alternative for their own and their pet’s healthcare.”

Pet King Brands began with three products and now provides a full spectrum of topical dermatological products for problematic ears and skin—available with or without added hydrocortisone—as well as a full line of oral care products that don’t require brushing to be effective. Since first being introduced through veterinarian clinics nationwide, Pet King Brands has distributed over 1 million bottles of its flagship product ZYMOX Otic Ear Solution and continues to expand its pet health products line.

In addition to veterinarian clinics across the country, Pet King Brands’ ZYMOX and Oratene products are available in pet specialty stores and through online retailers.

“It’s always been our mission to provide solutions, but first, do no harm. Our enzymatic solutions represent cutting-edge technology without the side effects associated with antibiotics,” Bosco added. “We are very proud to not have deviated from our mission since we started 20 years ago but more so, we are so thankful that ZYMOX and Oratene have had such a positive impact on the comfort and health of so many pets across the country.”


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