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Pets Need More Than Nutritious Food for Optimum Wellness

Tall Tails, a U.S.-based bedding and toy manufacturer, wants pet owners to know some additional elements are vital to a pet’s overall health.

Wellness Beyond Food

Sleep and play times are essential to the health of our furry friends. While humans can get by with 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night, dogs sleep an average of 18 hours a day. Play is fundamental to the exercise and stimulation needed for wellness. Studies confirm that dogs who do not regularly engage in play are more likely to be susceptible to obesity as well as behavior-related issues.

All dogs deserve a comfy place to sleep. Pictured here: Hattie with her Charcoal Icon Blanket (MSRP $24.99).

Tall Tails, an American Lifestyle Brand, devoted to independent pet specialty retailers, is sharing awareness with pet owners and retail partners that wellness extends beyond food, treats and supplements. High-quality bedding and well-designed, interactive toys are equally important to a pet’s wellbeing.

“As far as wellness is concerned, there’s been a tremendous focus on food and supplements for pets over the past few years,” says George Barton, marketing manager at White Plains, NY-based 3T Brands, Tall Tails’ parent company. “But we want pet parents and retail partners to know that comfortable and secure sleeping spaces and toys that stimulate mind and body are equally important for pet health.”


Whether going for a walk in the neighborhood or on an adventure with their best friend, Tall Tails designs accessories to make exploring, wandering, and discovering a safe, convenient, and enjoyable experience for the pet and pet parent.

Dogs need play as much as humans need exercise, and Chinook shows them how with Tall Tails’ Brown Braided Stick Toy (MSRP $14.99).


Developed to enhance the bond between the pet and pet parent, Tall Tails toys are designed for function and durability to safely satisfy a dog’s natural instincts for interactive and self-comforting play.


Tall Tails beds and blankets are crafted to create the right rest and recovery environment for dogs. All bedding is made from high quality materials and is fashionably designed for convenience, durability, and easy care wherever and however a dog sleeps.

The Tall Tails Purpose

Tall Tails strives to add value in all they do for the pet, pet parent, and retail partners. The core of that promise is to assure the quality of their product and service. All products are rigorously tested by independent labs and Backyard Tested™ by the Tall Tails team.

We Baby Your Pet

With 87 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing textile products, (3T Brands started out making infant bedding, blankets and apparel), the company has deep insight into comfort, safety, and wellness and is dedicated to helping you Baby Your Pet™.

The Pet Specialty Brand

Tall Tails exclusively sells to retailers who provide quality products and services like independent pet specialty stores, select department stores, and active lifestyle stores. Tall Tails shares their expertise and provides products that support the health and wellness of the pet and pet parent. The Tall Tails mission is to partner with select retailers that share this vision and work with them to be leaders in everything related to pet wellness.

Comforting Those Who Comfort Us

The company is also dedicated to comfort and wellness for those pets who are not as fortunate
as our pampered ones. Recognizing that care for shelter pets is important to all pet lovers, Tall Tails is dedicated to “Comfort Those Who Comfort Us” campaign by supplying thousands of blankets to animal shelters around the country. “We want to provide a level of comfort and security for dogs in as many shelters as we can,” says Barton. “After all, all dogs are comfort dogs.”

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