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HEMPVET Pet Health Remedies’ product line offers science-based, condition-specific formulations that take the mystery — and confusion — out of selling hemp.

For many independent pet store owners, the sheer number of CBD and hemp-infused products on the market are enough to make even the calmest retailer’s head spin. New product introductions are at a peak. “When I attended Global Pet Expo two years ago,” says Will Billings, CEO of HEMPVET in Burlington, VT, “there were just a few CBD brands. At this year’s SuperZoo, I counted over 40. That’s an astonishing increase.”

If it’s a dizzying experience for pet store owners, one can only imagine how pet parents are responding, as media expounds on the benefits of CBD and hemp-based products. Undoubtedly, consumers will be looking to their favorite pet stores to lead them in the right direction. Store owners, eager to carry brands they trust, want products with well designed, informative packaging that clearly outline their benefits, offer clear dosing information and contain the best quality hemp with naturally occurring CBD (cannabidiol).

In business since 2016, the company’s goal is to be the first choice for independent pet store owners looking for a hemp brand that fulfills all of these requirements. With its science-based formulations, HEMPVET Pet Remedies surpass even the most discerning retailer’s requirements, taking the mystery out of hemp-based products while making it easy for retailers to stock and sell condition-specific formulations that are dosed appropriately for pets.

HEMPVET is a group effort, with a team of experts who each contribute to the formulation, design and packaging of the products. The company’s chief science officer, Dr. Gary Pasillo, is a board-certified animal nutritionist with 35 years of formulation experience (including designing the nutrition plans of 17 Kentucky Derby winners). Company co-founder Bill Reilly has extensive experience in the animal health category and Billings himself has more than 20 years of experience in packaged goods — a combination of talent and experience that works together to create one of the fastest growing companies in the animal wellness category.

Rewards+ phytocannabinoid-rich chews for small-to-medium dog breeds are specially formulated with additional ingredients for calm, joint, immune, neuro and everyday support. High Potency soft chews are designed for larger breed dogs or dogs needing higher maintenance dosages. HEMPMAXOIL with vitamin E contains all of the hemp plant’s beneficial natural components including terpenes, flavonoids and tocopherols.

HEMPVET soft chews are cold-extruded in small batches to increase bio-availability and are made from sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients that feature eco-farmed, GMO-free broad-spectrum hemp with naturally occuring CBD as the “halo” ingredient. HEMPVET combines GMO-free hemp with a propriety blend of active ingredients designed to aid in the support and treatment of major pet health conditions (calming/anxiety, joint/mobility, neurocognitive and immune system wellness). Dosing is made easy by two categories of chews: Rewards+ Soft Chews in pouches for small to medium-sized dogs and High Potency in jars for larger dogs or pups that need extra support. All HEMPVET formulations have earned a seal of approval from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

HEMPVET offers a varity of delivery systems: soft chews, oils and gels. HEMPMAX Oil is a proprietay blend of broad-spectrum, non-gmo hemp oil (naturally occuring CBD) and virgin hemp seed oil infused with vitamin E. It is a top seller and provides pet parents with an alternative to soft chew delivery. In November, the company will launch six new condition-specific products includidng three feline soft chew formulations featuring l-lycine and taurine, an all-natural, non-toxic hemp-infused flea and tick repellent spray with a proprietary blend of sustainably sourced Amazon oils as well as two formulations of condition-specific gels: Skin & Coat HEMPMAX Gel and Hip & Joint HEMPMAX Gel.

Innovative formulations —based on science, backed by decades of experience

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