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Scientific Study Confirms Biometric Heart Health Monitoring Capabilities of Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar

Recent study evaluated the Smart Dog Collar accuracy in detecting resting heart and breathing rates by comparing its measurement with portable ECG devices in dogs of various breeds.




(PRESS RELEASE) PARIS, FRANCE – Invoxia revealed that a new study has been published that presents an overall evaluation of its Smart Dog Collar’s accuracy in detecting breathing rates alongside heartbeat localization. The study involved dogs of various breeds, ages, and sizes, and evaluated the collar’s AI algorithm accuracy by comparing the measurements from the biometric sensors within the collar to those from a portable ECG device. This is the first time a study of its kind has been undertaken on a large data set and Invoxia’s proprietary AI algorithms outperform state-of-the-art devices.

The results, published in BioRXiv, showed that the collar is able to accurately monitor the resting heart and breathing rate of dogs, with an average SMAPE (Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error) of 0.4% and 1.42% respectively on the test data, regardless of the breed, age, weight or fur size of the dog. The base dataset used is the largest of its kind and openly gives access to the raw ECG signals of the 40 dogs in the test, which are compared to the collar results and hand checked by a professional. The dataset is proof of base quality data and the collars ability to accurately record data. Overall the results showed that the Smart Dog Collar makes it possible to predict the timing of the cardiac pulsations within 50ms with a F1-score of 98.04%.

Overall, these results demonstrate the potential use of Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar as a medical-grade tool for the continuous, noninvasive, remote monitoring of heart issues in dogs, helping to improve the quality of life for dogs, detect early signs of illness, and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. The recent study showed that the Smart Dog Collar makes it possible to predict the timing of the cardiac pulsations and estimate the heart rate.

Invoxia announced the commercial availability of its award-winning GPS Smart Dog Collar earlier this year, enabling dog owners of medium to large dog breeds the ability to monitor their precious pets’ vitals while also monitoring its location and activities. Tested in this study, the smart collar is the first smart pet wearable to bring Invoxia’s proprietary patent pending Heartprint Technology to market.

Developed alongside veterinary specialists, and tested on a wide range of dog breeds, the Smart Collar paves the way for preventative pet care with technology that can spot problems in a dog’s health before any visible signs surface and alert the owner in advance. Heartprint Technology extracts cardiopulmonary data through any type of fur while the dog is at rest. Containing valuable information about the state of the heart, the data will help detect and analyze various forms of arrhythmia, as well as other anomalies in the resting beats pattern. Heartprint Technology will monitor heart changes that can occur depending on a dog’s stress, pain, tonus levels, and heart diseases and deliver the dog’s unique Heart Signature.

The Heart Signature is a geometrical representation of heartbeats that is shown as a Poincare Plot (used in human cardiovascular research). Each (x, y) point of the Heart Signature represents a heartbeat, where x is the interval from the preceding beat, y is the interval to the next heartbeat, while transparency is used so that patterns appear at the positions where many points overlap. For a healthy human, for instance, most points will be concentrated on the diagonal. All dogs have some level of arrhythmia, so the shape is more spread out. The shape of the Heart Signature is unique to each dog and stable through time unless the dog develops a condition, and it contains valuable information on the heart’s state.


Amélie Caudron, CEO of Invoxia, said, “We’ve been working closely with industry experts on providing scientific data proof points for the smart dog collar. The recent survey proves that the hard work and dedication of the technical team to create an AI algorithm that can accurately decipher data taken from the sensors within the collar has been worthwhile. The collar will provide dog owners and vets with deeper insights in their dog’s health than has ever been possible previously.

Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar is available in three sizes and is suitable for a wide variety of medium, and large-sized dogs. Available in several colors, it is packed with a range of health and tracking technologies, including:

  • 24/7 Location Tracking: Intelligently combining Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to offer owners accurate location details with maximum battery efficiency. Its intelligent escape alerts can help owners track even the most runaway-prone dog; with live tracking, escape alerts, and a ‘find nearby’ ringer, users can detect when a dog is close by, if it’s hiding under a car, or trapped in a garage. In addition, the integrated GPS locator allows owners to locate their dog if stolen while wearing the Smart Collar.
  • Heartprint Technology: Developed with board-certified veterinary cardiologists to measure resting heart rate and respiratory levels to deliver a unique Heart Signature.
  • Behavioral/Activity Tracking: To automatically detect and monitor the time a pet spends running, walking (at home, while dog sitting, or in dog care), eating, drinking, barking, or scratching, alerting to potential skin conditions. This can help detect and monitor any volatilities or changes in appetite.
About Invoxia

Invoxia is a French startup with a strong track record of conceiving smart consumer products from beginning to end and distributing them at scale. Its product portfolio includes a range of best-selling GPS Trackers to prevent vehicles and other valuables from being lost and stolen and a specific AI-Powered Pet Tracker, first launched in 2018. With multiple patents and international awards, the Smart Dog Collar leverages Invoxia’s unique innovation capability to reinvent pet health and the way we care for dogs based on data from millions of days of dog activity analyzed since 2018.



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