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She Desperately Wanted Her Lost Cat Back … But Her Sign Used the Funniest Word




This flyer was painfully honest.

Mary Irwin of North Carolina was brutally honest about her cat’s personality when the feline went missing.

People magazine explained that she put up flyers in her neighborhood to try to get Babou back. On them she wrote: “She’s kind of a jerk.”

In addition to basic information about the cat’s appearance, Irwin explained that while Babou is “mostly friendly,” she also has “strong opinions about things.”

The flyer went massively viral on social media. And Irwin did end up getting Babou back five days later — but not because of all the attention.


She had just completed a phone interview with a Canadian radio program about the cat and the flyer. She told People that she then “heard a scream from the other room and then my husband saying ‘WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN???'”

Babou strolled in. She had lost weight but was otherwise in good condition.

Irwin said she adores her pet despite, or maybe because of, the feline’s sometimes difficult personality.

Watch a short ABC News video about Irwin and Babou:




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