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Sodapup Launches New Gourmet Peanut Butter for Dogs

It is produced in the U.S. from U.S.-sourced ingredients.




(PRESS RELEASE) BOULDER, CO – SodaPup Founder and CEO Adam Baker announced the launch of Dogtastic Gourmet Dog Peanut Butter in four flavors.

“SodaPup specializes in a wide range of enrichment products, from lick mats, to slow feeder bowls, from rubber treat dispensers, to durable nylon licking devices,” Baker said. “For many consumers, peanut butter is the fastest and easiest food to use with these enrichment products. So, SodaPup is launching four flavors of peanut butter, created specifically for dogs, including PB and Honey, PB Berries and Honey, PB Apples and Honey, and PB Pumpkin and Honey.”

“Peanut butter is packed with protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, manganese and vitamin E; and, honey, which is in all our flavors, helps boost energy and can ease allergies and kennel cough.” Baker noted. “We wanted to create a product that was simple and natural and didn’t contain a lot of the ingredients that are often found in human peanut butter, like hydrogenated oil, stabilizers, palm oil, sugar, salt, high-fructose corn syrup and xylitol.” Baker said. “We like to say that our peanut butter has all the good stuff and none of the bad.”

“Like all of our products, Dogtastic Gourmet Peanut Butter is produced in the U.S. from U.S.-sourced ingredients.” Baker added.

SodaPup specializes in the design, development, sales and marketing of innovative American made molded products including rubber dog toys, nylon dog toys, TPE dog toys, lick mats and other feeding systems. SodaPup also produces a line of human grade treats and peanut butter that compliment their enrichment products. SodaPup is committed to the development of high quality, American-made products that are innovative, safe, and environmentally friendly.




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