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Designed with all dogs in mind

(White Plains, NY) Tall Tails introduces its newest category — Chews. These long-lasting chews come in two new styles, three sizes and are steamed in a bacon scent. Dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, which is why these chews are designed in three different sizes to accommodate a dog’s size, age and chew strength. Plus, Tall Tails’ Chews are made of a proprietary blend of durable nylon and cellulose.


The antler’s shape allows dogs to grip, chew and repeat for long-lasting fun and dental wellness. With their textured surface, these toys are perfect for spreading on treats and support a dog’s dental wellness. Place in freezer to extend the enjoyment.

Antler chews are available in the following sizes: Small (5.3” x 3.8”) MSRP: $9.99;
Medium (7” x 4.5”) MSRP: $12.99; and Large (8.3” x 5.5”) MSRP: $16.99
Product is available to ship to retailers and pet parents now.


The Wobbler’s unique shape will roll away from dogs supporting their natural prey drive. Pet parents can wedge soft treats and/or apply peanut butter, yogurt or cream cheese into the Treat Trough.

Wobbler Chews are available in the following sizes: Small (5.5” x 2.8” x .90), MSRP: $9.99;
Medium (6.6” x 3.7” x 1”) MSRP: $12.99; Large (7.7” x 4” x 1.25”) MSRP: 16.99
Product is available to ship to retailers and pet parents now.


Toys for Every Tail™

Tall Tails is offering a great opportunity for retailers to join a comprehensive program that provides discounts, samples and exclusive sneak peeks. This program helps to create a toy brand block inline or on current Tall Tails fixtures with open line toys and locks retailers into receiving exclusive benefits throughout the rest of the year! Once a retailer joins the program, they become a Tall Tails Toy Tester and will receive toy samples on a bi-monthly basis for their employees to test with their own dogs at home. On top of samples, all Toy Testers will get sneak peeks at new items and promotions to help refresh and replenish their brand block throughout the year.

Toys for Every Tail™ — The Tall Tails Brand Block Program not only provides retailers and their employees with beneficial perks, but also gives pet parents the opportunity to shop for a variety of toy styles within a single brand, becoming a one stop toy shopping experience.



At Tall Tails, we understand that dogs are more than just pets — they’re family. We help you give back to the pet that shows you unconditional love with the products that they deserve. We make it our mission to comfort the ones that comfort us. Our priority is to enhance the bond between you and your best friend, providing your pups with the best of everything from playtime to bedtime. For more than four generations and 85 years, Tall Tails has been serving your nearest and dearest — we created products for infants and children from WWII until 2014. Tall Tails continues to apply those same baby product safety standards to the supplies that we create for your pets today, ensuring that all products are safe — and fun! — for your pets

Refresh & Replenish — With regular new toy development ISOs, retailers can easily add to their current brand block or use to replace slow movers. Merchandising assistance is available from the Tall Tails team, Packer Mellem and distributor sales reps.