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As a retailer, you can benefit from NASC membership in so many ways. Here’s why it’s important to consider taking this important step in 2023.

By now, most retailers are familiar with products bearing the National Animal Supplement Council’s Quality Seal. Companies whose supplements or ingredients earn this honor agree to a third-party audit once every two years, need to maintain ongoing compliance with rigorous NASC quality standards and must pass random independent product testing to ensure their products meet label claims.

Now, retailers are encouraged to join the NASC. Membership is free for pet products retailers, but the benefits are extensive and valuable in more ways than one. Here’s why every store owner should consider retail membership in the NASC.

Retailers play a crucial role in conveying the importance of the NASC Quality Seal to consumers.


Loyal customers look for guidance and retailers can reinforce their position as experts in animal wellness by knowing what supplements to recommend and most importantly, why recommending NASC Quality Seal supplements is so important. Store owners and employees receive the training needed to make product recommendations with confidence. NASC education gives pet product retailers the information needed to understand claims boundaries, the NASC Audit Program and the benefits of carrying products that have earned the NASC seal.


Helping consumers to understand the value of the NASC Quality Seal is vital. It’s also important to note that an in-store experience may be the first time that a customer learns about the Quality Seal and the benefits to the product they’re purchasing. In other words, retailers are on the front line of consumer awareness. NASC has created educational booklets that include information about the Quality Seal as well as supplements and why they should be viewed as an element of whole animal health. These booklets are free to retail members for training staff and can be ordered at a deep discount for distribution to customers.

Quality, consistent supplements help our furry friends lead healthy, more comfortable lives.


Since its founding in 2001, NASC has helped to establish high standards for the animal supplements industry. These standards have helped to raise the bar for the entire industry. From ingredient companies to manufacturers and retailers, the safety and product assurance of NASC Quality Seal products shows the care and concern of multiple companies over many years. This work would not have happened without the realization that our beloved pets deserve quality, consistent supplements that can help them lead healthy and more comfortable lives. It’s a movement that can only be complete with retailers and front-line sales staff thoroughly understanding the benefits of NASC Quality Seal products.

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