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This City Just Repealed Its Pet Sale Ban




The city council voted 4-3.

The Las Vegas City Council has repealed a measure that prohibited pet stores from selling dogs and cats that weren’t sourced from rescues and shelters.

The 4-3 vote on Nov. 15 was a reversal of the city vote in 2016, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council explains in a press release. The ordinance had been set to go into effect in January 2018.

PIJAC writes: “The city’s pet stores would have only been allowed to source cats and dogs from rescues and shelters, severely limiting available breeds and the ability of pet lovers to find the best companion animal for specific needs. One store, Puppy Boutique, would have had to close and reopen outside of the city.”

“On behalf of our members locally and nationwide, PIJAC applauds city officials for recognizing that their city’s pet stores are not supporters of unethical breeders. Puppy Boutique, for example, passed an inspection earlier this month with flying colors,” said Josh Jones, director of legislative and regulatory affairs for PIJAC. “Responsible pet stores like those in Las Vegas work only with licensed commercial breeders and ethical hobby breeders. This is why Puppy Boutique and other stores have thrived on their relationships with thousands of satisfied customers. Pet stores have been part and parcel of the Las Vegas community for years. Today, the City Council saved pet choice and the dreams of small business owners.”





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